Educating Terrorists to Stop Crime and get them into the Main Stream of Life

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Terrorism has increased all over the world and it is very much disturbing to see people get killed daily and most of those who gets killed are innocents. It is high time now to get these terrorists into main stream of life by educating them as this would help the world to live safely in this world

Daily News of People Getting Killed

The whole world is suffering because of criminals, terrorists who indulge in activities like killing one another which is really troublesome as people are not finding safe to live in this world now. Each and everyday we hear to stories of terrorists bombing some place or killing people evoking fear in people living peacefully. As a human being living in this world, we should involve in helping other people living here whenever they need us as purpose of living in this god's world is to experience this beautiful world by being together and not by fighting with each other. It is very disturbing to see fellow members of this beautiful world losing their life because of these crimes and for no mistakes done by them. Even god may not have liked such acts of terrorists for sure

Time to Educate Terrorists

For each and everything in life, there will be valid reasons for sure. Even the terrorists are not heartless and can be educated for sure. If we hear to stories of all criminals or terrorists, we can find how much frustrated they are to enter into this crime world. At the time of doing crime they don't realize how much important is one's life and how much wrong they are doing by getting involved in such crimes which has to be halted at any cost. Problems do come in every one's life and there are many people who cannot take problems when it is beyond their limits and frustration of being made a scape goat or hatred towards any government action does build in criminal thinking in them which may not have developed in a short span at all as it might have taken more time

Criminals can Change the Present World into a Peaceful World

Nothing is impossible in this world if we are disciplined enough also determined in solving problems of the world. Even these criminals or terrorists can be changed for good if proper education is given to them. There should be someone to council them and hear to their sad stories which might have hurt them badly. Authorities should help them to come out of their problems and get them into the main stream of life which i think is definitely possible. But every time taking action against them is not at all a solution for sure. Listen to their story and try to understand the main reason on why they have entered the crime world and you might get surprised as the too have hearts. Hope all respective governments all over the world will realize these and take action in teaching or educating these criminal people and help them to overcome their problems in life. Hope thing will change and crime will reduce in future world and we all can live happily together.


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