Edward Snowden : Is he an innocent man

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Edward Snowden leaked secrets that we should know about already, then it means he did nothing wrong. Don't you think? Free Speech in the US is no longer good.

Edward Snowden an innocent man

Should Edward Snowden face criminal charges for what he did? He leaked into the media what he though was unfair to the innocent US citizens. If the people are being watched for every single one of their moves when they're innocent, like the majority of the citizens, then there are no justifiable reasons to wiretap their love conversations or private emails to their loved ones. It's unconstitutional to violate their civil rights when there isn't a prudent reason to do so.

The US citizens shall have their civil rights to their privacy and constitutional rights as well unless there is a prudent reasons to give the NSA a reason to wiretap into their private lives. If someone at the NSA is listening to my personal calls, I would be in rage, cause I'm just an innocent person, who have no interest in doing any activities that they're interested in so why should my personal calls that are very private and important to me be listened and recorded by them. I also think that the rest of the US feels the same way about their civil rights and privacy rights.

While the NSA might have their rights to do their investigation to prevent terrorisms in the US, but the majority of Americans are not sitting there planning out terrorisms activities. There might be a small group of people that are doing that and we shall know who but why would a native Americans sit there and try to plan out things against his own country.

The majority of them don't do that and they have better things to do in life than try to go to jail. I can guarantee you that most Americans do not have terrorism problems at all and it's the people who have something to do with those countries that we went to war with or those that terrorize us that has this problems. There is no point to monitoring an underage kid is who just talking to his friends and family and sending emails to his friends and family. He has no interest in terrorisms at all.

We knew of NSA monitoring

The majority of us have vacation on our list, getting married on our list, going on a date, building a business, but we don't have terrorism on our list. We like to help the US fight terrorisms but were not interested in terrorisms activities ourselves. We're too wealthy and too good to do crazy things like that. So I feel like the rest of the Americans are innocent and should not be monitored. It's like house arrest, they see and hear everything that you do. I think that the NSA shall have their right to monitor but with some limitations to ensure that the rest of the US still have their civil rights honored.

The Patriot Act says that the NSA shall have some monitor control over the people but with some limitations. They do worry about being unconstitutional, however the act helps to prevent terrorisms and I agree with the act.

We don't need another 911 in the US. Edward Snowden did nothing wrong because if the act says that the NSA will be monitoring the people then the people already should know that they could possibly be monitor in some sort of ways
according to the act. So his leak is no secret at all. It's something that was made clear in the Patriot Act in 2001, a long time ago, so his leak is no secrets right.
The patriot act is on Wikipedia so the Wikipedia is also leaking what the NSA is doing to the US. It's free speech what he is doing but he's not leaking a top secret since it's no secret regarding the patriot act.

He had done nothing wrong and shall not be prosecuted cause he did not leak any top secret. Perhaps we do not know the exact nature of the NSA acts like wiretapping and reading your emails, but according to the patriot act
we should have some sort of previous knowledge that we might be monitor by the government for our safety, something we should all be aware of, but have forgotten since it's not often in the media.

I do not feel like he should be charge with criminal activities and the leak is not a national top secret since we all know too well that the government has always have all sort of private information about us. After all, they regulate everything
out there don't they like financial institution, laws, legals, business laws, private laws, phone laws, and internet laws so they are no stranger.

Just like a website administrator, he sees all of your activities and all personal information about you
and he moderate your activities but he has the right to do so and you are not private on his website, so why is it a top secret that the government administration see our private information. When you're on Google sending a very top secret, the admin there see it but as long as he doesn't post it online, he has the right to see and know about it and he does see and know about it.


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author avatar Victoria Martin
12th Jul 2013 (#)

Edward Snowden did nothing wrong. US Government did domestic surveilance on US citizens. Indicted innocents Americans of false charges, intercept calls . I know because it happened to me. The U.S. Justice Department, Congress, Judiciary Committee have all ignored me. I pray Edward Snowden is protected and returned to American safely to have his day in court. Since, I was denied my constitutional rights in America courts.

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3rd Dec 2013 (#)

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