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If we are genuinely willing, our best is great enough. Opportunity is made, not given. The thing that made me think of writing this article is that too many people expect to be given something without meeting reality halfway. We must put forth on the waves of reality before we can expect the ocean of life to send back riches on the waves to the beach or we must do realistic things before we can expect realistic success.

Words and deeds

Anybody can use great words, and say amazing and beautiful things, but, deeds are always more important and telling. We must importantly work and back up the words we put forth. Sure, I could say pretty words of all kinds, but, without the decision to back them up or the reader's decision to productively apply them, what are they worth? They are worth nothing if they are not backed up with realistic action. They are worth everything if they are backed up with realistic application and action, so:

1. If you are going to start with words, start with a list of exactly what you want.
2. Make that list into a realistic story of how you are going to get it and follow it closely as you can in efforts and in your reality.
3. Adapt the first two ideas to your particular situation, reality and level of understanding.

I do not claim to be any sort of authority or anything on what I just said, but all movements start basically with your own efforts to move forward with intentions. With those three items, I give you room to control what you want and make it really happen. For the difference between pretty words that have no value, and deeds that have the ultimate value with the words behind them is the genuine impetus and ability to carry them out. Effort and fulfillment starts with a goal, sure. But something more is needed: Deeds in back of the goal are needed.

The genuine tragedy of life is beautiful sentiments and words without the deeds to back them up genuinely. The best thing in life is beautiful sentiments and words with the deeds, real efforts and fulfillment to back them up, and disowning of the word "impossible". Everything conceivable is possible under natural laws of reality, really. For, the only thing genuinely impossible is when we quit before we find what genuinely works. That is the rub.

Possibility thinking instead of liability thinking

Impossible starts with the genuine thought of quitting before achievement. The person who does not achieve does not want it enough. Why is it as simple as that? Let us look at the invention of the normal speech telephone in the late nineteenth century: Three or four persons actually invented the mechanism telephone before bell, but Alexander Bell got the patent because of the simple turning of a screw to create an intermittent current that would allow speech to be transmitted instead of a constant current that could only transmit singing and the like. Bell did not quit until he understood the simplest of answers that would "push things to the front" as Bell's contemporary, writer Orison Swett Marden once put it.

Listen, reality works like this: Things are out of reach until they are reached and understood. Theory always becomes law when understood and unified. It is that simple. Yet, the only complexity there is comes when the word impossible is acknowledged. Everything conceivable is a possibility. Theory now, is law later. Think about that fact, and think about the telephone story deeply and know what I mean.

All genuinely successful business transactions start with a possibility of achievement and follow-through no matter how many short-term failures seem to happen. For long term success depends on understanding what works long-term and permanently. Short-term temporary lucky one-time success is always a liability. But permanent, repeatable success is always an asset, no matter how many temporary failures seem to happen, success that works permanently is always desirable.

If the failure is genuinely short-term however, there are always possibilities for permanent future success. No matter what is happening around you, persistence is power, possibility and ultimate success.

Sucess and the concept of "failing forward"

Real success comes from understanding consciously and consistently with experience what you are fully doing, not from luck or "breaks". Success also comes from trial and error mastery through persistence. Without the kind of effort and persistence that makes permanent success possible however, nothing is really possible without being "fortunate". I Know that sounds pessimistic at first glance, but it is ultimately optimistic in every way when realistically looked at and understood.

Without that understanding, however, you do depend on luck instead of assured effort filled methods of success through experience, seasoning and understanding. So, I ask you this rhetorical question: What good is luck and one time success if you cannot genuinely repeat it and survive on it? My answer (and your answer may be different): Nothing. It is good for nothing except "living on the boast that you made it once". It is sort of like winning fifty five million in the lottery and spending it up and hoping you can repeat once the money is gone. But if you make the equivalent money through effort, you can repeat it again and again through experience and understanding. That is my simple point. You can survive on experience and genuine understanding, but you have to be inordinately lucky to survive on luck.


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