Emerging Trends in Software Testing For 2018!

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As a tester you know about latest trends of testing, if not; you might be curious about these. Software testing is one of the most effective methods of improving the overall quality of software for long period of time. This functioning has been changed over the years and now it is mandatory for the QA testers to know about the emerging trends in software testing in 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of these:

Internet of Things (IoT)

In this year, IoT will rise to great extent. We will see new things and ideas related to technology and businesses that keep their objectives based on IoT and similar technologies.

This entails designing and defining software testing rules, which serve the IoT security needs in an effective way. Also, they should provide enough of supporting quality practices and policies for their software development and work on all the possible and existing network-related issues that keep them served with the best of IoT support.

IMG Source: WEF (World Economic Forum)

Rise of DevSecOps and Agile Development

The main objective of DevOps is that all departments of IT Company coordinate seamlessly. This implies that centrally operated test centers will be going to disappear shortly as test automation developers are already a part of agile team nowadays. The emerging trends in the software development will be going to move towards quality engineering where the testing will be more iterative, integrative and progressive with the process of making the app from the very start.

DevOps method necessitates continuous testing – Automation software testing needs to be done at every level. Testers will configure toolsets for combination and delivery, verify the requirements, create automation framework for supporting DevOps, etc.
The combination of DevSecOps and Agile practices will become definitive source for achieving the resistant security processes ever built. These tools will promote cross-sectional framework. Testers and developers will get most of their help from such tools that supports them in maintaining a smooth workflow all through.

Making a Move from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

As the process of testing is constantly changing in the way it is approached and performed, the trend has been shifting towards Performance Engineering rather than sticking only on the Performance Testing.

Software Performance Engineering (SPE) is about setting performance techniques and measures for ensuring that the whole system is agreed to perform well-referring to pre-defined standards and guidelines that serve your purpose with optimum results.

Keeping this approach in mind and by building a process that delivers optimally can be attained only when the Performance Testing practices are built well-convinced and appropriately selected for Performance Engineering tactics.

Big Data Testing Will Grow Bigger

There is a non-stop growing technology, such as Big Data.
The tech specialists must equip themselves according to the future developments in Big Data advancements for adapting the testing skills. With the intensifying data sets and component information, the necessity for systematic evaluation is becoming exponential for the QA experts.

Open Source Tools Will Take Over

It has been seen that the IT companies are making Open Source services for executing their apps. This will give rise to new platforms and tools in Open Source. This will enable more privileges to the developers by making them to execute and automate tests more openly with DevOps, BigData, Agile methodologies, Cloud Technologies, Testing and QA and Visualizations. This can further bring more performance level changes in the domain and pool the support from the related specialists for creating an advanced open source ecosystem.


Quality Assurance is important for every company for improving the quality of their products. A product will perform well only when it is tested out with comprehensive test analysis measures. So, if you are intense to be on the lead of your quality analysis strategy and don’t want to miss out any chance to get the most value out of it, you should not miss the above emerging software testing trends.


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