Employers Do Not Prefer over Qualified Job Applicants

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Over-qualified Job Candidates and Their Quest for Employment

Miriam Salpeter reports for Business Insider: What If you have experience as an engineer with a Ph.D. and can not secure an entry-level engineering job? One can see how it might harm your morale. However, one might be astonished when employers do not jump hurdles to hire someone who is not a perfect fit for the job, even if that means demoralizing someone with too many qualifications. While you may think employers should turn cart wheels at the chance to have overqualified candidates accommodate their employment needs, the opposite is a reflection of the truth. A candidate with superfluous education or experience will not receive a second look in most cases. Why? They worry the applicant will inflate their overhead. How so? The overqualified applicant will make a mass exodus at the first glimmer of a better opportunity.

Head hunters are concerned that an overqualified candidate would become disgruntled and dissatisfied with a job that he consider to be beneath him. No one wants to deal with personnel issues at the outset of the employment cycle. How can job seekers address these concerns? One might focus on appropriate jobs and apply for jobs compatible with your background and work history. Empirical evidence suggest that securing a job beneath your qualifications is not easy pickings. So stop squandering your time and seek jobs that compliment your skill set.

In the event that job opportunities are sparse for your field, consider exploring other industries that employ similar skills and write a superb resume that affirms your skills to be transferable to the new field. Unless you happen to be a good salesman, it can be quite daunting to accomplish but it makes better use of your time. Another strategy to transfer industries is to communicate with employees who work for the establishment where you desire to work. Will you succeed at convincing the new contacts that you satisfy their companies' criteria? Well who knows, but if you do they may be less resistant to the idea of referring you for a position. And studies show referrals are much more likely to land interviews than people applying for jobs online.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Mar 2013 (#)

Useful share. It can be demoralizing not to get jobs in fields we have specialization in. But we have to persist, adapt and bide our time - siva

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