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Entitlement programs are a hot topic, in the news. Apparently many people don't understand the differences between entitlement programs and non-entitlement programs. I think we all agree that giveaway programs are eating away our tax dollars. Let's take a look at what costitutes an entitlement.

Politicians... They Just Don't Get It!

It seems like the media and politicians have started a "senior bashing" blitz aimed at stirring up bad sentiment toward hard working individuals who deserve better. They continuously lump Social Security and Medicare with Entitlement Programs. Either they don't know what an Entitlement Program is, or they just don't care.

Apparently they are not aware that all legal citizens in this country PAY into Social Security and Medicare. From the first day we start work we pay 6.2% of our total wages into Social Security, up to the annual minimum and 1.45% of our total wages into Medicare. Our employers match this amount on our behalf. So 15% of all wages earned by us goes into Social Security and Medicare, each pay-day.

Do you ever wonder what happens to the thousands of dollars paid into these programs by individuals who never draw from them, either by choice , death, or other circumstance?

For those who are ignorant of the facts, WikiAnswer gives the following definition for
Entitlement Programs:

An "entitlement program" is generally one for which an individual qualifies simply by virtue of his or her circumstances. For example, the Social Security law has several components, some of which are "entitlements" and some are not. The largest program, SS Retirement is NOT an entitlement, as an individual qualifies for it only by virtue of having paid into the program at least forty quarters; Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disabilities ARE entitlements because an individual is entitled to SSI simply by having a very low income and to SSD after being disabled for at least six months. Similarly, the largest portion of Medicare--health insurance of seniors--is NOT an "entitlement" as one qualifies by paying into the system and paying premiums. Medicaid and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, on the other hand, ARE entitlements as qualification depends on a set of circumstances in which an individual may find himself. Unemployment Compensation is an insurance program paid by employers and is NOT an entitlement.

If you hire out at age twenty and work until you reach age of eligibility (mine is at 65). That is forty-five years you've paid into Social Security Retirement and Medicare Insurance. How many private insurance companies require you to pay premiums for forty-five years before you can file a claim? And if you opt to draw Social Security early (age 62 for me) you will draw about half and are not eligible for Medicare until you reach age sixty-five.

Mr. Politician, if you are really serious about cutting these programs, then start with true entitlement programs that give away our tax dollars to individuals and their families who aren't legal citizens of our country. This is not an inconsequential amount of tax money. Let us assume for a minute that the government gives $100 worth of free services (which we all know is much more) per person, per month, per year, to the estimated 20,0000+ illegal immigrants in this country... Well, you do the math. Is it no wonder our country is broke? Let's stop these give away programs. Tax every American dollar that is sent across the border. Levy heavy fines on companies that hire and property owners that rent to illegal immigrants. By doing this, we could solve three of the largest problems that face our country today -- the influx of illegal immigrants into the country, the failing American economy, and the skyrocketing jobless rate.

I do agree... We need to cut "true" Entitlement Programs especially to those who take and do not pay. And while we're at it, let's stop using our tax dollars to change the American language. It is an insult to the legal citizens of this country.

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author avatar PeacheWriter
24th Jun 2010 (#)

What a great article. It saddens me that we do not treat our elderly with the respect that they are due. Keep writing!

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author avatar Sean
9th Mar 2012 (#)

What entitlement programs that go to illegal immigrants are you referring to? Entitlement means you can sue the government if you don't receive benefits you are legally qualified for; illegal immigrants do not have these rights. The only entitlement "coverage" that illegals is paid expenses for emergency treatment.

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author avatar Lilia
14th Nov 2012 (#)

Sean, Where in the US do you live? Illegal alien receive welfare, food stamps (creditcards), medicaid, educations for their children and many other "entitlements" that many of us, legal citizens are not eligible for. If you want to see this with your own eyes go to Ca, NY, Illinois, NC, FL, even UT where you will find then by the thousands.

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