Evil in the sky

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So who is the bad guy in the movie series EENDAG? Well, we meet them now: Malman Uys and his grandson Muyz. They look scary!!! Whaaaaaaaa!!

Evil in the sky

In the darkest thunder, an air ship is flying ominously.

Inside is an evil creature, Malman Uys, talking on a communication device. He's glad to hear something he ordered is nearly complete. Once this is complete, his grandson can finally start with his own evil agendas too.

Malman Uys puts the communication device down very satisfied. Satisfied that his evil plans seem to be coming along just lovely. Won't be long now before he can rule the universe! Or at least a big part of it.

He calls out to his grandson, Muyz, to share the news.

Muyz requires a second, impatient call. Where is that kid?? How is he ever going to learn how to be evil enough to execute their plans if he's so lazy to come when he's called?

An automatic door opens, and a smaller, hooded creature emerges. It's Muyz, the little computer nerd. Malman Uys sometimes wonder about him. This kid sometimes seem to feel a bit unwilling to become the next generation of evil in the world. But, at other times, it seems he's eager to assume the role of power-hungry monster. Maybe he just needs to grow into it.

"Yes Grandpa?!!", screams the little Muyz.

Grandpa comes over and informs him of the news about their ordered technology reaching completion and readyness. He also tells him that it's now time for a new mission.

And, as is the custom when a bad guy thinks about his evil plans,
Malman Uyz orders him to enjoy a good evil laugh with him.

The two mad, evil freaks scream in laughter as their air ship flies through the thunderous sky.

What evil plans have they hatched up now? Could it possibly have anything to do with all the people that have gone missing around Leeukopkraal lately?

Guess we'll have to wait and see.


With thanks to:
Marius Macrobius, Christof Loubser, Oscar Dube


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28th Apr 2015 (#)

Interesting. Sounds like something worth watching!

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29th Apr 2015 (#)

@CoffeeQueen Watch it my dear. Watch it watch it watch it! :)

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