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Any woman at any time can become instantly placed in a life-threatening situation. Reporting a violent act is embarrassing, but it is essential in stopping the perpetrator from committing further acts of violence against women.

Convicted Rapist's Tell Us What They Look For in a Victim & How To Avoid Becoming One Yourself

It is often said that a rape victim is asking for it due to her promiscuous behavior or it because she was flirty, friendly or dressed inappropriately. It is all too easy to blame the the victim and brush the motives and acts performed by the rapist under the rug, but the simple fact remains that the victim is absolutely not responsible for the rape in any way, shape or form.

Any woman at any time can become instantly placed in a life-threatening situation, virtually paralyzing her mind and body by sheer fear from the situation, and those ignorant people that choose to believe that a woman who acts or dresses in an attractive or seductive manner is asking to be raped is still living in the caveman age. Here is a reality check for anyone that still has doubts, "no woman is asking to be raped any more than a wealthy person is asking to be robbed." The word "NO" is not a suggestion, it means exactly what it implies, although a woman should not have to resort to this, it is often asked in court as to whether she said the word no during a violent act of rape.

Rape becomes even more problematic when it is left in the shadows. Reporting a violent act is embarrassing, but it is essential in stopping the perpetrator from committing further acts of violence against women. Oprah Winfrey did a segment on the facts about rapists and determined that thousands of violators remain free and continue to attack other women because their previous victims did not report the rapes. The statistics presented on her show found that in the United States alone, a woman is sexually assaulted or raped every two minutes, and one out of every three women will be raped in her lifetime. These numbers are astronomical, but will remain in high numbers unless violators are stopped in their tracks.

It is a common belief that rapists lurk in dark corners of parking garages or hide in the bushes waiting for a victim to emerge in easy to remove clothing, but the statistics tells us that 85% of rape victims know their attacker and that 84% of rapes go unreported. This is not to say that rapists are selective about their locations as this type of violent crime can happen right on a city sidewalk, in cars, in schools, in parks, and in alleys.

Rapists are opportunists that have little regard for age, race or social status. Sexual urges are not what control the rapists thought patterns, instead it is the need to feel powerful and in control by forcing a woman to engage in sexual intercourse against her will, and it is typically an act of violence and aggression rather then the motive of sexual gratification.

Preventing Rape from Happening to You
It all comes down to being aware of your surroundings and protecting yourself by using a few safety measures. It may sound silly, but moving into a new home can be dangerous. Replace the locks when you move into a new home or apartment. Install a door viewer and a deadbolt lock and learn to use them on a regular basis. Keep your doors locked at all times and instruct your children never to open the door to anyone. Ask strangers to show identification, and if you haven't called for a repairman or food delivery person, don't let one inside. Instead, ask for his name through the door and call his place of business to verify his reason for being at your apartment.

If you live alone have a male friend record his voice for your answering machine greeting. Dogs barking in the background of the recording are also a great deterrent to an uninvited person contemplating a break-in.

When walking, carry pepper spray, not in your purse, but readily available in your hand.

Keep your car doors locked at all times, and when you are walking to your car, look under it.

Before entering your car, look into the back seat and on the floor board.

Always have your keys ready to unlock the car door.

Never walk across the parking lot digging in your purse for your keys; have them in your hand before leaving the building.

Convicted Rapists Tell All

According to a survey done by "Criminals Behind Bars", men serving time for rape tell us what they looked for in their victims. Many of these men admitted to carrying scissors for the purpose of cutting away the clothing on their victims.

Hair that can be easily grabbed such as ponytails or dangling long hair.

Clothing that is easily removed.

Women on their cell phone, searching through their purse or doing other activities while walking because they are off guard and can be easily overpowered.

Avoiding Abduction

Don't park next to vans as you can easily be pulled into the sliding door and always park in well lit areas.

Be cautious of strange men asking for help. Ted Bundy pretended to be hurt and helpless so that he could get close enough to his victims for their abduction.

Top picks for abducting a strange woman for the purpose of raping her: grocery store parking lots, office parking lots, garages, and public restrooms


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
30th Jul 2014 (#)

Sherri, great writing about something that concerns us all. I thought the tips that you presented for staying safe were very good.

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author avatar WOGIAM
30th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you for sharing the information and tips.
Rape is a crime against humanity and people need to talk about and act against it more.

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