Facts That Will Really Amaze You

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Facts that will really amaze you. Just read the following facts and think did you ever knew this? Really amazing....

Facts That Will Really Amaze You

A whole of Google research brought me up with some amazing statistics on various topics and some of those are mention in this post.

♦ In a survey it is found that an average teenager spends thirty one (31) hours weekly on Internet and only a span of four (4) years on homework… LOL.

♦ Every second our brain goes through about hundred (100) chemical reactions every single second…Did you ever knew?

♦Every year sixteen thousand (16000) tons of aspirin is consumed by only American, Amazing…

♦ This is amazing, our subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind.

Part 2.

1. This is really which I think you wouldn't have known.
Honey is the only food that will not rot and a jar of honey can remain edible for over 3000 years.

2. Before the invention of light bulb, almost all people slept three hours longer on average that people at present.

3. If you want to avoid cats from scratching up your furniture you can spray lemon or orange juice on those areas.

4. “Original thought theory” states that anything anyone says has already been said by someone else somewhere in the world.

5. If you type “illuminati” backwards, followed by ‘.com’ as URL, you will be redirected to U.S. government national security page.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2013 (#)

Interesting, but some hard to believe like honey remaining edible for three thousand years - siva

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author avatar smartleo
20th May 2013 (#)

yes sir but evidences are present just Google it and you'll believe it...thanks...

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