Facts on Lead - Properties, Uses & Lead Poisoning

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Lead is being used since ancient times. Lead is bluish grey in color, highly malleable and ductile. Lead is used in the industries for many different purposes. Lead is useful and at the same time poisonous when it enters the human body. Lead poisoning is very difficult to detect.

What is lead? Properties of lead

Lead was discovered in ancient times. It has been used by the Egyptians, Chinese, Romans and Greeks. Lead is a naturally occurring toxic metal. It is bluish grey in color. It is usually found along with other minerals like zinc or silver and is found in great quantities in combination with copper.

Lead in the environment is a result of burning fossil fuel, mining and manufacturing activities by humans.

Lead has a low melting point, resistant to corrosion, waterproof and highly malleable. All these properties make lead easy to use for various industrial purposes.

What is lead used for?

Lead is used in the following -

Ammunition and fishing sinkers

Radiation shielding of X-ray equipment

Ceramic glaze, glass and crystal


Cable covers

Tank liners

Brass, bronze and pewter alloys

Underwater power cables

Lead poisoning - How does lead enter our body?

1.Lead can be inhaled through vehicle exhaust fumes.

2. Lead from old piping or lead in old solders can dissolve in the drinking water.

3. Effluents from the industry can contaminate water with lead residues.

4. Lead can enter the body through contaminated food items.

5. Cheap toys may be painted with paint that has lead content. Lead will enter into a child's body when the child bites or plays with the toy and mix with the blood stream.

People working in industries that use lead in their production will be exposed to lead in higher doses and are at a higher risk of lead poisoning.

Lead Poisoning Symptoms

Lead poisoning has the following symptoms -

Muscle and joint soreness
Poor appetite
Damage to kidneys

In pregnant women lead poisoning can lead to miscarriage. The child can be born with birth defects when the mother has been exposed to lead over a period of time. In growing children lead poisoning can cause learning disabilities and stunted growth.

Symptoms of lead poisoning resemble symptoms of other illness and are very difficult to diagnose.

Precautions against lead poisoning

If your home was built before 1978 ask for the paint to be tested for lead content before beginning any construction work on the house. After the construction work is over clean up all the paint chippings and dust on the floor.

Wash vegetables and fruits before eating them.

Do not store food in glazed pottery, glazed ceramic ware or pewter.

Do not use hot tap water for cooking drinking or making baby food because hot water can dissolve more lead than cold water.

Let the tap water run for a minute before starting to use it, this will help to clear out the initial water stored in the pipe.

Make sure that your diet has enough Calcium and Iron. Calcium and Iron decreases the absorption of lead.

Do not allow kids to play in the soil near old buildings.

Make sure children wash their hands with soap and water before eating.

Wash pacifiers, teeth rings and bottles with soap and water then rinse with filtered water.

Lead poisoning is dangerous and can lead to death in extreme cases.

Image Credits - Wikipedia,geology.com, gravitatechnomech.com,faqs.org

References - Cleanhouston.org, patient.co.uk, medlineplus, WebMD

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