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Receiving fake messages,from the people to cheat the others. I have received a such fake friendship message from Wikinut site also. So beware of these types of messages when ever you see. Mostly these messages/ requests are the same sterio typed manner like "colour, distance Etc"

Beware of fake messages

Since Long time I am receiving fake friendship requests through Yahoo, Google and other email providers. Some times I have received the same from social network sites, like Mylot, Mypage5, Bubblews, Fanbox etc and now even from Wikinut site also. I am pasting the same fake friendship message/request received in this site. First they are asking us to extend friendship and they will send some pictures also and they are writing us big letters with lot of description about friendship and life. After getting two are three letters they write us that they are sending a parcel to us with valueble electronic gadgets and some time even cash in the parcel and they ask us to release the same from customs, some people do trust these messages and transfer the cash according to the phone call recieved by some body saying that they are calling from the "Courier". The letter will be like this

Fake despatch message

From: Josephine Adamson <josephineadamson222@gmail.com> Sat, 20 Apr '13 8:49p
To: You

Dearest Sridharprasad

How are you today, I hope sincerely that all is well with you over there as I believe that life must be interesting over there in your Country.

What a busy activities for me today as I have today finally / hurriedly packaged and sent to you the architectural building drawing plans of my propose Private Clinic project including some items that I promised to send along with the architectural building drawing plans of my propose Private Clinic. This is due to the emergence official message which we received early this morning from the head office that we have to be in the offshore today evening our local time rather than tomorrow evening as initially schedule. In fact what a very hectic and stressful work I will be returning back to by today evening our local time till next three weeks’ time again, although work is our priority so we have no choice.

Anyway based on what I made mentioned in my previous message sent to you that I will be having my one month work leave at the end of my three weeks official assignments in the offshore, this that will enable me to make my tourist visit to your Country as soon as I finish my three weeks official assignment in the offshore / upon receiving appropriate details update from you about the price and the good area where a ready building can be leased or be purchased by me in your Country so that we can both inspect the area location of the land before I will make my final conclusion on it. While I have also stated that there is limit on the items and even on the amount that we can travel out of the Country with, whenever we are travelling either on official assignment or on official tourism visit outside our Country as we must declare the entire contents of our luggage to our protocol officer at the airport so as to certify us okay that we are not going out of the Country with the luggage that go beyond what the Company’s policy permit us to go out with, of which is the main reason why I wrote in my previous message sent to you that I will have to send some needful items along with the architectural building plans of my propose Private Clinic project in the parcel to be sent to you.

Although I am unable to send completely all what I have in mind to send to you for my high esteem appreciation towards your heartfelt willingness to assist me on my venture plan in your Country, not only because I did not really know your likening made in UK products but also because there is there is no enough time on my side again to select for you some best items that was made in UK, though all other items that I still manage to package together and sent along with the Architectural Building Drawing Plans of my propose Private Clinic project are the followings:

(1) The copy of my International Medical Practitioner's License,
(2) One Panasonic Digital Video Camcorder (model AG-HMC74)
(3) One BlackBerry Porsche P'9981
(4) Two HP Pavilion dm4-1160us Notebook PC this which you should take one for yourself and keep one for me to be used in storing all tourism activities which I will later show to my employer for the evidence of my true tourist trip,
(5) One Seiko Men's Sportura Wrist Watch (Model #SLQ021) which is the most valuable items that I also included in the parcel as a special item that I am giving to you from the bottom of my heart as you are now a special man to me because you too really took me special by agreed to stand by me on my propose clinic project in spite the fact that we have not met before.

More importantly, based on what the Courier Company confided in me before I submit the parcel to them, that the electronics items including the other valuable items which the parcel contains will be subject to a little bit Customs duty fee at the port of destination in your Country while your preliminary observation and your run around survey to be done on my behalf that may also require some consultancies fees / other unforeseen incurred miscellaneous expenses which I envisaged that will be encountered by you, hence I quickly concealed small money in the parcel so as to be used by you in offsetting the said Customs duty fee on the items that I packaged in the parcel / the any other unforeseen miscellaneous expenses which I envisaged that it will be incurred by you.

Besides I sent this money to you because I don’t want put you into any financial difficulty in the course of your rendering assistance on my behalf towards my venture plan in your Country while I decided to concealed the money in the parcel as I don’t have enough time on my side again to go to the Bank for the procedure task of International Bank Transfer due to the said emergence official directive which we received from our employer that we have to be in the offshore earlier than initial scheduled, while we have only two hours and few minutes left for us now to departure to the offshore. Thus I concealed only $10,000 cash in the parcel, this which you should take out the sum of $5,000 from the money for the reimbursement of every expenses you may encounter including the said Customs duty fee on the entire items that I packaged in the parcel, while you should help me keep the remaining balance of $5,000 pending when I shall arrive your Country hopefully in less than 4 weeks from now as soon as I finished my three weeks official assignment in the offshore.

Also I have enclosed the purchasing receipts of all the items that I packaged in the parcel not only for the recognition of the entire items that I packaged in the sent parcel as soon as the parcel is being delivered to you, but it will also enable you to know the worth of the entire items that I sent to you in order for you to understand how important and high esteem friend I already took you in spite the fact that we have not yet met each other one on one before apart of only introduction that we made to ourselves online, as such I believe that you will really be a reliable and best friend that I can always count on. Dear I sent all these to you based on the mutual trust that we reposed on ourselves. I know quite well that I am took a big risk by sending such valuable items and also such amount of money to someone that I did not know before, but he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life, hence I have no other option than to take the risk if really want to achieve my goals in life, while I believe that you will not betray the trust and the confidence that I reposed in you. Besides whatever items or money that I may send to you can never be compared or surpass the morally, mentally and the physical assistance you are willing to render on my behalf without expecting anything in return.

So the parcel shall arrive your Country on Monday, April 22th, 2013 according to the Courier Company, while the deputized official of the Courier Company shall contact you for the delivery of the parcel as soon as the parcel arrived your Country. Thus once you received the sent package, do kindly present the architectural building drawing plans of my propose Private Clinic to any good professional architect over there in your Country so that he will have tentative assessment to it in order for you to get appropriate information ready for me on the cost and the type of the ready building that will be compatible for my propose Private Clinic project, prior to my coming back from the offshore.

Meanwhile find below is the tracking information of the parcel that will be delivered to you on Monday, through the Special Courier Service that I used in sending the parcel, I purposely used this Special Courier Service for the safety and also for the security reason of the parcel’s contents while the parcel tracking information will let you know the exact time that the parcel will arrives your Country.


Dear I know I don't have to ask God for anything else again because as long as I have you in my life as reliable / trustful friend through God chosen, then I got everything I could ever want. So all I want to do now is to be your best friend forever. All what I just sent to you did not mean anything to me or have any effect on my side, I decided to send those items not only to at least appreciate the helps you will be rendering on my behalf over there in your Country but it will also enable me to at least know a bit the type of trustworthy person you are going to be with me in future based on how you will handle the contents of the parcel upon receipt pending when I shall arrive your Country in the next few weeks.

I know quite well what I have in my possession to entrust you with in the future once my venture plan is being commenced but if we cannot build trust on this little things that I sent to you, then it means there is no hope in the future trust between us, so how you welcome and handle my sent parcel will somewhat determine how the mutual trust will be built between us in the future because if trust cannot be built on a very small thing at the early stage of any transaction then there is no hope for any future trust to be built, hence how this relationship will be built on mutual trust and confidence now remain in your hand as I sincerely hope that you will not let down in any way.

Although I understood that material things are not necessary to build a true friendship but as Symbols of friendship are important representations of the love and trust shared by those closest to us while the gift items is a symbols of friendship and physical reminder for a friend of the loyalty, caring, trust, and comfort we share, so do accept my sent gift items as a symbol of trust and friendship between us and take care of them.

So I shall be waiting to hear from you again as soon as the sent parcel is being delivered to you on Monday, although I will still get back to you by tomorrow as soon as I settled down in the offshore since I will still want us to be communicating with each other while I am in the offshore.

I thank you so much for being my best friend

Truly yours forever,

Dr. Josephine


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