Fake black money accusations to exploit innocent people for decades in India

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How shameless fraud indian intelligence agency officials specialize in making fake black money accusations against innocent people to exploit them for the rest of their life, get government jobs for their lazy greedy fraud friends and relatives with fake resumes

Fake black money accusations to exploit, cheat innocent citizens

Though some of the largest corporates in India like Tata, Google, Paypal pay lip service to corporate ethics, in reality few know their close kept secret that these companies allegedly specialize in making completely false black money allegations, without proof, to defame, exploit, harass and cheat innocent hardworking professionals for the rest of their lives.

These corporates are extremely smart as they do not spend their company funds for their corporate goals like acquiring talent and technology, instead these companies are able to instigate powerful officials to waste indian tax payer money for their corporate goals. These officials have received a salary all their life and have limited knowledge of how a business will work or the financial planning for a business. However these officials are extremely powerful and are free to make completely false allegations against innocent people with half knowledge of indian taxation.

The person accused of having black money is very hardworking, honest, innovative and talented, and usually a small business owner or professional. Once the officials start accusing the innocent person of having black money, they will put the person under surveillance for years to find proof to support their vicious allegation, monitoring every transaction made online and offline. The surveillance can then be used to frame the innocent person, block payment and close account, steal correspondence and make it extremely difficult to lead a normal life.

If they do not find any proof to support their defamatory allegation, they will still steal the impressive resume of the person who they have accused for their lazy greedy inexperienced cheater friends and relatives, to get all these frauds permanent government jobs, allegedly in R&AW. These fraud officials making defamatory allegations will never have the honesty to justify their lies openly or proof to send a income tax notice against the person who they falsely claim to have black money.

Then these lazy fraud women like the goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, obc slut bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin bengaluru cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar and others will steal all the correspondence of the brilliant obc engineer, block payment, making it difficult to earn a fair living, Then the fraud corporates promoting these well connected cheaters are hoping that the brilliant obc engineer whose resume has been stolen, will approach them for a job and agree to a low salary. The fraud indian intelligence agency officials have already stolen the retirement savings of the brilliant professional without a court order

These shameless fraud intelligence agency officials continue to waste tax payer money to spread their lies of black money, so that they can justify the lucrative salaries and great powers their lazy greedy inexperienced cheater friends and relatives are getting at the expense of the brilliant person who is being defamed. These lazy greedy mediocre friends and relatives of officials would never get the great powers and salary with their own mediocre resume as no company can afford to hire these lazy greedy mediocre cheaters.

Only the indian government can afford to waste indian tax payer money paying inflated salaries to well connected mediocre lazy frauds faking their engineering degree, twenty years experience, because of the poor systems which allow dishonest fraud officials make completely fake black money accusations against brilliant professionals to exploit them. For how long will these false blackmoney accusations against innocent people continue, wasting indian tax payer money ?


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author avatar Legend
9th Aug 2015 (#)

That sounds very corrupt and very sad - cant brilliant engineers realize this and leave?

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author avatar Niche
9th Aug 2015 (#)

These officials will steal the documents and savings without a court order

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