Faminists And Male-nutrition

Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 8th Apr 2017 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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Feminism is a socially destructive movement around the world. This article will lead you into some of their ill-conceived agenda.

Malnutrition Or Male-nutrition

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Malnutrition is a condition where the diet is deficient or insufficient. Excuse my disrespect, thought it is wholly warranted, but the fuzzy-headed feminists are creating an unhealthy social condition which I refer to as “male-nutrition.” I know it sounds crazy but I contend that it is a legitimate social sickness.

These ultra liberal females are hellbent on purging our society of patriarchal authority – the God given role of male authority and leadership. Not only do they strive to usurp the male role but they seek to diminish the importance of men in the family and society. The divine instructions in Ephesians 5:22-24 must put Feminists in a coma.

The referenced article above exemplifies the devilish agenda of the radical feminists to minimize masculine influence in our homes and society. One avenue to that goal is to criminalize stay-at-home mothers. In other words, all women should be gainfully employed. Just think how that would affect the male employment numbers. The sinful fact is gender roles are being reversed or equalized in the fog of societal engineering.

Such absurd social structure finds its root in WWII. Tom Brokaw, a recent news commentator and journalist, published a marvelous book titled, The Greatest Generation.” It lauded the American spirit of that time and I feel blessed to have lived through that era. There was, however, a seismic-like change occur in the family structure during The Greatest Generation.

What was that change? Women (mothers and wives) became the bulk of the work force replacing the huge loss of men laborers to war. Yes, it was necessary but that was the real beginning to the exodus of women from the home to the work place. Ever since WWII women have been indoctrinated, coerced and shamed into the work-a-day world.

A point of clarity: My comments are not directed to women who must work to support themselves or children because they are husbandless. My indictable comments are aimed at the misguided feminist movement which is diabolically shaping a society suffering from “male-nutrition.”

There is much to be be said on this subject but not by me. I am directing you to this website where you will read documented statements from various Feminist prescribers of male-nutrition. You'll be getting it from the fillies' mouths themselves!!

There is healing for the socially destroying sickness of male-nutrition. Individual Feminists are invited to come to God the Father by Jesus the Son. John 14:6 They themselves will be healed and the world will be much better.


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author avatar Len Addington
12th Apr 2017 (#)

Well said. Men have for years been made to look stupid and insignificant on television shows. One of the results of the sexual revolution is the single parent reality due to men refusing to own up to the responsibility for the children they leave behind after their sexual exploits. This has caused a myriad of problems, especially in certain people groups. With more than 50 percent of children being born out of wedlock, it is easy to see that the time-honored entities of marriage and family are certainly going by the wayside. All Christians need to be praying that all nations and people turn back to Biblical principles, and that the scourge and plague of single parent homes becomes less and less the norm. Children need the safety and sanctity of a loving, 2 parent home with a father and mother. See other articles related to scripture under the name Glenn Addington. Your comments, please. Thanks!!

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