Famous People and Coverage About Them

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Famous people reporting, news or gossip? Worth or unworthy?

Famous People and Coverage About Them

Gossip or rumors is a reporting of the matters based on the assumption herald, not a fact. Or sometimes uncover the fact, but peppered with opinions of the reporter that try to affects consumers' opinion is also classified as gossip or rumor. Also there are some facts that actually unworthy for public consumption and violate the privacy rights of the news object.
Maybe for some people gossip of famous people is a mere entertainment. However, if observed, there are more negative side than positive side from a gossip, though admittedly not all the impressions reported in the famous news is a bad news or gossip.
Here are the negative and positive impacts of a gossip that may arise:
Negative impact:
1. Gossip about a luxury life or hedonistic lifestyle of the famous people can trigger a jealousy for those who can not afford their life.
2. For the fanatical fans who are economically disadvantaged, sometimes they force themselves to follow the lifestyle or the style of the idol for a cool look. Some teenage girls are sometimes willing to sell their bodies in order to follow their idols' glamour style and looks cool. There are also some very extreme fans even willing to do plastic surgery of their face to look like their idol.
3. Some news that is too detailed about the movements of the idol could even trigger actions beyond common sense by some fanatical fans, as in the case of John Lennon who was murdered by a fanatical fan of The Beatles who was disappointed with him.
4. Once there was a news of a celebrity woman who almost raped by a fan, which probably because of the intensiveness of the news that revealing the idols' life down to a very personal thing.
5. Some celebrities who are too stressed with too many media crews who want to know all the details about their private life often do some things that harm themselves, such as: use drugs, alcoholism, often changing life partner sometimes because of media pressure, behaves aggressively or otherwise defensive and very covered with public and the media, and so on.
Positive impact:
1. The idol will be more popular and got a lot of fans that could make them more success in career. For example: a singer or a movie star who often discussed his/her movies or songs, can make a recording of the songs or movies of them are sought after and bought.
2. Several agencies and organizations with a variety of motivations that are looking for voice support or funds often use a famous people as an angler attention of the public to get sympathy and help.
3. Famous people who often reported their plus side will inspire the public, especially fans to imitate their behavior, and vice versa.
Thus, in conclusion, there must be a harmony between the reporter, object of reported and those who consuming the reports. As an object, being a famous people, especially if many people idolized them is not easy. They should be wise in acting and talking. Also to the media reporter, there are ethics that must be kept in mind in presenting the news. Do not say your assumption as a fact. Furthermore, for the loyal news consumers, you must be prudent in consume and respond to the content of a news.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
26th Oct 2012 (#)

When the press pursues them, they forget the fact they are human with families too and end up killing them with the excessive negative coverage, hurtful derogatory jokes, style of dressing, lifestyle assumptions etc.
If they were to see the real life they lead under that facade, I can guarantee you won't want to know them. I work with these people and have lived amongst them enough to see the things that take place out there and personally feel the the common people wear more of a facade and ape moviestyle living just because they read and see it.
They are people who are in the right place in the right time and when they get rich and famous, go overboard, do drinks, drugs, carouse, revel and destroy their bodies, hearts, minds and souls because of the hatred anger, resentment they harbour inside them.
We think its great but forget they are given this larger than life status in the common world and to the extent they have become prisoners in their own lives. Many of them are running away from mainstream showbusiness to live elsewhere and that is how I get to be amongst them as I show them my style of life which is just like theirs but with a difference, I play the press with their own medicine and get to keep my privacy. Its payback for what they did to my closest best friend who taught me a lot of things about their lives.
They just common people with two eyes, one nose, one mouth and eat the same kind of food and have the similar emotions and ailments just like us.
I dine and go out with them everyday and they go my way not me go their way and its a relationship of give and take.
What do I do??
I keep abreast on the news about them, tell them about what is right and wrong out there, revamp their dressing to suit the world around them because excessive dressing down attracts crowds (happened to us just yesterday) questioning who and what we are, revamping their food and eating to healthier diets and how to hide their real lives from the television and the media around.
Well, want to play the press, give them their own medicine, they will never bother you until they the most sensational scoop and will take your permission to publish it and even pay you for it. Those are called exclusives wherein they own the rights and all earn the royalties from all around the world during the publication.

Who am I?? Just an upcoming artist who works with the Rich and famous as a normal person....

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author avatar Krismawati
26th Oct 2012 (#)

Yes, correct. Thank you for visiting my page :)

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author avatar Krismawati
27th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you.

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