Ferguson Protesters I Challenge You!

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A bold challenge to those protesting the Mike Brown court decision. Will you accept this challenge?

Freedom of Assembly

It is one of our American rights to peacefully assemble, a right that has been exercised many times. I turn on the news and I see American cities on fire, stores being broken into and freeways at a complete standstill. I even saw a video of a man being beaten to the ground. What’s going on now is anything but peaceful.

Think of Others

I challenge protestors to think of all the peoples’ holidays you’re ruining. Many people are traveling today to make it to their families. Protestors standing in the middle of the freeway not only put themselves at risk but others as well. Yes it causes unnecessary traffic, but also if there’s one thing I’ve discovered from sitting in LA traffic, it’s that traffic causes accidents, and that’s without having to suddenly go from 65 to 0 because of people in the road. Now there are people having to spendi their thanksgiving in hospitals and car repair shops spending hundreds of dollars. Some might argue to think about the Brown family who will be spending thanksgiving without their son. Unfortunately their son made some bad choices. You can choose to disagree with what I say or not but the fact is Officer Wilson was not charged because evidence supported his account of the events, which included Brown attacking him. This leads me to my most important challenge and the point of this article.

Spend a Day in the Life of a Police Officer

I challenge protestors to put themselves in the shoes of a police officer. How many of you have your life threatened on a daily basis just for doing your job? These people set out to serve and protect citizens with little to no thanks or appreciation. When faced in a situation of life or death where it’s either going to be you or the other guy, what would you choose? Of course you’d choose your own life above anyone else’s. What if you were equipped with the same tools officers have and someone attacks you? Whether the attacker is armed or not I doubt any of you can do better than what police officers do and if so then by all means sign up and serve beside them. If you don’t think that being a police officer is for you then all I ask is to spend a day in the life of a police officer, or at least a couple hours. Go on a ride along, and I hope on that ride along your officer does confront an attacker or get shot at simply because he’s a cop. When that happens who do you think you’re going to rely on to get you out of there alive and safely? You’re going to be counting on that “pig” that you were just badmouthing to shoot back. Many of you won’t even have the guts to accept my challenge to go on a ride along but for the few that actually do keep in mind that you experienced only a few hours of what police officers face everyday. So I challenge you to do better than the ones who keep you safe day and night and if you can’t then shut up and show some respect.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
27th Nov 2014 (#)

Spending a day as a police officer would be fine except that in the USA police officers are not behaving in ways in which we feel they should, the USA is becoming a police state and the police are afraid of the people.

Indeed rioting and destroying businesses was wrong and did not solve anything, nor make the point.

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author avatar Courtney S.
27th Nov 2014 (#)

People only need to fear the police if they are in fact doing something wrong. I know many police officers who do more than a great job and many people don't stop to think about who they're going to rely on when they become the victims.

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
1st Dec 2014 (#)

No, people need to fear the police regardless of whether they are doing anything wrong, because the police are out of control in this country. It turns out that a Ferguson SWAT team was starting fires that night, burning cars and buildings - a false flag operation - to turn people against the protesters. Check out my article, just posted on Wikinut, "SWAT Police in False-Flag Operation Set Fires to Cars in Ferguson." Watch the video in the article and you will see proof that cops were setting cars on fires.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Nov 2014 (#)

In America it is tougher as ordinary folks can own guns unlike in almost all other countries - siva

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