Fitness trap Smartphone

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What comes after the fitness trackers? The health data migrate into the cloud. They are centrally analyzed and tested. So glassy man has never been.

Fitness trap Smartphone

The man leaves behind not only a social but also medical data track is continually wider. Holding the medical Years Diary of a young man 20 years ago from two blood pressure measurements at the doctor, he has today as an active athlete who records his regular training, some gigabytes on the hard disk, the meticulously documented, for example, how long or short the recovery time of heart rate after intensive stress is an important indicator of fitness and health.

Many of these data lie fallow. They are stored in proprietary formats or applications; they can be evaluated only after a few criteria and issues. Thus, these data fragments remain, although you could turn them some treasure. One would have to have an open and scientific access to all body data of as many people, you would have to apply the quasi information economy of the Digital to man: That's about the idea that drives Google with its two projects Calico and Google X. Calico is a biotechnology company that was founded in 2013 under the direction of Arthur D.

What Google drives in the medical field, the idea is to defer the maximum human lifespan, so to overcome the limits of existing medicine and science. Big Data, stem cells, genome analysis, gene surgery and nanomedicine are the most important keywords.

In five years, people would wear a bracelet that tells Google detects the magnetic nanoparticles, which in turn flow through the bloodstream and informs the earliest possible date of the occurrence of the first cancer cells throughout the body.The drug should be transferred from their reactive role in an active and plays the recording of all body data, the main role. With big data health information management of the body. The approach has the particular advantage captivating for Google that a social consensus already exists, because everyone wants to be healthier older. As the man on the internet is a glass for Google, is now completely transparent and the real. In the interest of health and prevention, Google wants to detect deviations from the medical norm.

While the nanoparticles are still up in the bloodstream, Google Fit has already arrived on smartphones. The app is a health center for Android, which records all possible fitness activities and promises evaluations. The data can come from your smartphone or tablet, but also called on the Android Wear a wrist watch, and all operations are with them, so it's not just about walking, running and cycling.

The list ranges from A to Z for aerobic circuit training. As a plus point turns out Google that all data other fitness equipment and fitness apps are tapped. Google will fit so combine the information collected by third parties under one roof together to make one whole and evaluate.

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