Five Rare Wildcats Were Found in Riau

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5 rare wildcats were found in Riau, Indonesia. Discovery of five wildcats were recorded by automatic camera of WWF Indonesia. Those wildcats are protected by Indonesian Law.

Five rare Wildcats were Found in Riau

Discovery of five unique wildcats were recorded by automatic camera of WWF Indonesia.

WWF (World Wide Fund) Indonesia discovered 5 rare wildcats in Riau, Indonesia. The animals were caught by automatic camera of WWF Indonesia.
The unique wildcats are Sumatran Tiger (panthera tigris sumatrae), Sunda Clouded Leopard (neofelis diardi), Marbled Cat (pardofelis marmorata), Asian Golden Cat (catopuma temmincki), and Leopard Cat (prionailurus bengalensis). The wildcats, except Leopard cat, are protected by Indonesian Law, and their status is endangered until critically endangered.

The rare wildcats live in forest area of Taman Nasional Bukit Tigapuluh (National Park of Bukit Tigapuluh) and Suaka Margasatwa Rimbang Baling (Wildlife preserve of Rimbang Baling). Unfortunately, their habitat is threatened by deforestation.

On 2011, WWF Indonesia made systematic survey in National Park of Bukit Tigapuluh and Wildlife preserve of Rimbang Baling for 3 months. Survey with automatic camera recorded 404 photos of wildcat. The photos consist of 226 photos of Sumatran tiger, 77 photos of Sunda clouded leopard, 70 photos of Asian golden cat, 4 photos of Marbled cat and 27 photos of Leopard cat.

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