Forests: Need for Awareness to Tackle Threats Effectively

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Forests are diminishing around the world. Understanding need for conservation is the first step towards increasing world forest area. Forest are also important from the viewpoint of soil conservation.

Stop deforestation first

Forests are becoming scarce around the world with passage of time. New threats to forests take various forms. Primarily majority of all destruction to forests occur by man. If one raises the awareness of need for conservation of forests, it will become possible to reduce and eventually stop the deforestation and begin new forest management that is positive for growth.

Usefulness of forests

People realize that trees are the biggest single player in our ecosystem since time immemorial. Other than being fodder for animals, they also fix carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and convert it into oxygen.
1) Fixes oxygen: In its process of photosynthesis, plants and trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and water using energy of sunlight. Chlorophyll in plants and trees helps them to do this. All excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is responsible for greenhouse effect. Plants for their photosynthesis process need carbon dioxide gas that causes atmospheric pollution. If the amount of plants and trees increases, amount of atmospheric pollutants decreases. However, when amount of forest decreases, amount of carbon dioxide utilized from atmosphere decreases.
2) Binds soils: Large areas of soil, especially in catchment areas, and on shores of rivers are in danger or soil erosion. Trees and forest in particular, help to bind soil and prevent any undue erosion from occurring.
3) Protects structures on downstream side: By binding the soil, stability of soil in these areas is preserved. Thereby, buildings and structures constructed on these soils are preserved and no exposed to any danger from subsiding soil.
4) Provides growth environment for biodiversity: Biomes, bacteria and various forms of life that thrive in dark and damp atmospheres find forests ideal for growth and propagation

Large forests and increase or decrease

In the decade 1990 – 2000, net loss of forest area stood at 8.812 million hectares. This equals an area the size of Scotland or French Guyana. Present rate of loss is 18,812 square kilometers of forest every day.

Other important factors that play a part

Other than indiscriminate felling, other natural causes like forest fires also contribute to decrease in forest area.
a) Forest fires
b) Indiscriminate felling of trees
c) Expanding urban areas encroach forests
d) Soil erosion

Part played by soil conservation

If one undertakes proper methods of conserving soil, it helps to preserve forests. Conserving the topography of a locality provides a better environment for growing plants and trees. When there is more land area under cultivation the economy of a place will improve.

Methods of increasing area under forests

i. Soil conservation: Proper soil conservation techniques including creation of bunds and terraces for flow of rainwater, replenishing soil depleted through continuous use by application of fertilizers and resorting to practices like controlled grazing can contribute immensely to soil conservation.
ii. Prevention of indiscriminate felling of trees: Indiscriminate felling of trees is one of the biggest threats to forest today. People fell trees to construct roads and for obtaining forest products like firewood. Steps must start from educating people on proper methods of conserving soil and forests.
iii. Training local people in methods of propagation of forests: In order to achieve full self-sufficiency in conservation, one must have the backing of local people. They need training in areas of replanting trees, marking overlapping trees and pruning them, creating new strips of land for forests and creating ideal conditions for forests to grow and survive.
iv. Bringing more people into the drive for conserving forests: One must spread the news of soil conservation drive and the need for preserving and protecting forests to more people especially those who live in the vicinity of the forests. Go online and spread the word, since most people are available online and spend most of their time on the Internet. Keeping your news posted on the Internet websites will help raise awareness about threat to forests among people.

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23rd Jun 2014 (#)

Some very great tips, and I too am in favor of involving more people in conservation of nature.

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24th Jun 2014 (#)

Good we should begin with steps to recycle I think

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