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Over a canyon, Majoorbot comes flying. He is looking for the young man.

The young man looks up.

"Majoorbot, find anything?", he shouts up at the robot.

Yes, it seems indeed Majoorbot has found something!

The man starts running after the robot flying overhead.

Found something!

But whatever the robot found, it does not seem to be anywhere close by. It takes a lot of running and climbing up and over and down mountains and jumping from one cliff to another and whatnot.

Finally, it seems they have reached the place where whatever is that Majoorbot had found.

A car!

Or at least, it is what is left of a car. In the middle of nowhere, there stands this wreck of an old Ford truck.

This is a good indication! At least now they both know they are in a time after the 1900's at least.

The man climbs onto it, through the window and sits in the cabin.

"Have I ever told you about the time there were gas powered vehicles on the earth? They caused much pollution and draining of fossil fuels, but they got us from A to B", he starts telling Majoorbot, listening somewhat attentively.

"Too bad this one won't take us anywhere any time soon", says the man as he gets out. "I think it's out of fuel".

That's an understatement though, as there isn't even a motor attached to it anymore. It doesn't have seats in the cabin either. Looks like somebody plundered this vehicle.

Majestically, the vehicle remain standing there in the middle of nowhere, probably to be alone there for another 100 years or however long it has already been here.

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