Frauds with fake degrees continue to have great powers in India

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In addition to politicians many extremely powerful intelligence agency officials in India are faking their resume

Intelligence agency employees allowed to fake their educational qualification, experience

The media carried reports of how the Delhi law minister Tomar from AAP was arrested for faking his educational qualification, yet some of the largest internet and IT companies, allegedly Google, Tata, Paypal in India are involved in protecting and rewarding mediocre lazy greedy frauds faking their educational qualifications to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. Till date these frauds with fake degrees continue to have great powers and have not even been questioned.

In fact, allegedly the all powerful intelligence agencies in India like CBI and R&AW are involved in a major scam of stealing the retirement savings of small business owners and professionals without a court order, especially in the IT sector, to blackmail them to give up their impressive resume especially academic record for mediocre call girls who sleep with these top officials, brahmin and other cheaters these officials are infatuated with. Filing an RTI request has not helped a victim of the scam till date.

Casteism and jealousy also played a role as dishonest cunning Btech 1993 electrical engineers from a top engineering college in India, working in intelligence agencies, gave fake references of a Btech 1993 engineering degree to the goan call girls half their age, cheater diploma holder Siddhi Mandrekar, bsc obc Sunaina, brahmin frauds shivalli brahmin Bangalore cheater housewife Nayanshree Hathwar, Riddhi, Ruchika, Veena, Asmita Patel and others to get these cheater women permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW.

These fraud officials hated their real engineering college classmate a obc single woman engineer, webmaster, domain investor and online exporter and decided to destroy her life, stealing her impressive resume for mediocre call girls, cheaters they were infatuated with. After these fraud women would get government jobs with a fake resume stolen from the single woman engineer , they joined these cruel fraud officials in harassing the woman engineer whose resume these mediocre cheater women have stolen, wasting tax payer money .

The shivalli brahmin fraud Nayanshree hathwar with a BBM degree from Bhandarkars college of arts and science, Kundapura, Udupi, Karnataka has cheated the single woman obc engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh, yet due to casteism and fake degree scam the bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action against her for cheating. Similarly in Goa, the obc woman engineer finds that all her correspondence has been diverted to the greedy GSB frauds Riddhi Siddhi Mandrekar, Bsc Sunaina because her fraud powerful Btech 1993 classmates are falsely claiming that these mediocre cheaters were their engineering college classmates. These greedy women are then demanding a bribe for delivery of important correspondence denying the single woman engineer her fundamental right to earn a living.

Politicians will hold a post for only till the next elections, and can be questioned anytime. On the other hand, intelligence agency officials have great powers, remain anonymous and cannot be held accountable in India. Yet why are no checks carried out on inexperienced cheater mediocre R&AW and CBI employees who falsely claim to have engineering degrees from top colleges, twenty years experience and large investment online and offline, stealing the impressive resume of an innocent harmless obc engineer?

Why is the experienced engineer expected to tolerate the theft of her resume and defamation which the pampered frauds and their fraud boyfriends are inflicting on her wasting tax payer money ? Why is the government not taking action against the all powerful intelligence agency officials who are stealing the resume of their classmates, and cheater women who are faking their qualifications, experience and investment to get great powers, salary and pension for the rest of their lives?


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