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There are many free word game apps that will keep you entertained for hours. You will get addicted to these games and will find it difficult to put your iPhone down.

I have downloaded these apps and have played them all and I can tell you that these word games are great fun and challenging. The added benefit is that you will improve your vocabulary while playing these games.

Presenting the best of free word game apps for iPhone -

Word Wall

Word Wall has words arranged in rows in small boxes. You have to choose two words that are closely associated. As you match the correct two words, the boxes that have the words will turn grey.

You have to keep playing till the entire word wall turns grey, and then you move on to the next wall. Only one pack in this Word Wall game is free, and you can buy the other levels if you want to.

Word Brain

Word Brain is great fun to play. I have come to like it better than all other word games. Word Brain is easy at the initial levels but as you proceed the game gets more challenging.

In this game, you have to select letters from a letter grid to find out the word. Once you find the word you move on to the next word puzzle. The number of grids and words that you have to find increases with each level.

Word to Word

Word To Word is all about associations. You have words in two columns, and you have to choose one word from each column to make a pair that is closely associated. In this game, one pack is totally free and you can buy the others if you like.

Hooked On Words

Hooked On Words is another great word game in which you keep forming words from a six by seven letter board. This game has five modes to choose from - standard, timed, collapse, scramble and the expert modes.

Standard Mode - you can enjoy playing at your pace and earn bonus tiles.

Timed Mode - you get two minutes to form as many words as you can.

Collapse Mode - you form words vertically or horizontally when you form the word it collapses, and another set comes on.

Scramble Mode - you get a six by seven board with letters and you have to form as many words as you can in two minutes.

Expert Mode - you get an endless supply of letter tiles to form as many words as you can. When you score enough points to fill the bar you advance to the next level.

Whirly Word

Whirly Word is a great game in which you spin the word wheel, select the letters and find out the words in the given level.

The advantage with Whirly Word is you can move on to the next level even though you have not found out all the words for that given level.

Each level requires you to find out a specific number of words, and once you reach this number, a button next to the progress bar turns green indicating that you can move on to the next level.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble presents you with a five by five-word letter board. Swipe your finger across the letter board in any direction to form words. Points and trophies are awarded based on the number of letters you use to form the word. There are three modes in which you can play this game - Classic, Blitz and Marathon.

In the Classic mode you have to find as many words as you can in two minutes, in the Blitz mode with each correct answer your time is extended and in the Marathon mode you have to find as many words as you can out of 200 words, and there is no time limit.

Word Search Puzzles

There are many word search apps from which you can choose. Go ahead and search in the App Store, download and play.

Word games are great fun to play, and they help to improve vocabulary.

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author avatar viewgreen
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Informative article and it's a great tips for mobile game. thank you for sharing.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Love word writing Haiku it is challenging and lots of fun...keeps the brain running and young-lol...thanks for download tips vellur, super!

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author avatar vellur
4th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you johnyydod for the moderation.
viewgreen thank you.

Delicia Powers thank you and yes it is challenging!

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author avatar GenkiWorld
23rd Jan 2015 (#)

awesome i will have to give these a try!

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author avatar vellur
24th Jan 2015 (#)

Genkiworld great, do try!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th Jan 2015 (#)

I have not been much into this though I have played chess with the computer. They are all very challenging and stimulating. And we can pick and choose what catches our fancy. Thanks Vellur for this share - siva

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author avatar vellur
29th Apr 2015 (#)

Siva yes they are challenging and great exercise for the brains.

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