Free gym membership from employers and government to reduce healthcare cost

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I think the benefit of a free gym membership would be more valuable than free healthcare but you need healthcare of course but prevention of illness is priceless. Don't you think? And giving them a free gym membership is cheap but could cut down cost by seventy percent.

Just a thought to cut welfare cost

I know that under Obamacare, many get free healthcare, that would cost taxpayers tons of millions and that is fine if that's what the government think is ideal for its people. But what if you offer preventive measure assistance like giving out free gym membership to everyone, cause a membership is only ten bucks at Planet of Fitness. So, instead of paying out millions dollars of healthcare costs to people, why not cut it down by giving them free gym membership at only ten bucks a month, to prevent major illness. And, guess what, prevention is the best medicine.

You can even alleviate lots of diseases with exercise like hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, weight problems, depression, manic, mental health, and so so many other diseases. Instead of paying millions for treatment why not give out cheap prevention measures that will even cut so much cost, cause if they're not sick, they're not using their insurance and you have a win win situation.

Free gym membership

I think that working out is an amazing thing that I can do for myself. I'm a gym rat and can't stop exercising. If I could spend all of my time at the gym, I would. I love muscles and I love feeling good about my health. I feel so wonderful after a good workout and I'm healthy and free of diseases and thanks to working out, I stay young and healthier than my peers.

Therefore, I urge that this become a benefit to anyone receiving healthcare is to get a free gym membership, that way, they won't need your insurance that much or at least not right not. They might need it when they turn sixty but for now, you can keep them pumping good with a gym membership for free. I think this should include in every welfare program.

I think this is also ideal for employees benefit, is to receive a free gym membership. If they can work out then they won't need to use your insurance employers and that cut down cost tremendously, and wouldn't that be a biggie for you all. Cut down on cost, provide a free gym at work for employees.


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