Gay Marriage: Why I accept it.

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This article is about the release of gay marriage being allowed from yesterday.


After browsing the interwebs, and on Imgur, I had noticed that the logo looked a bit different. Glancing at TV, it was a rainbow, too. I went ahead and checked on the first featured image, I found about how gay marriage was now legal! Of course this didn't affect me, however I was glad for one of friends that were gay. I do get that some people dislike gays for reasons, but I still look at them as regular people. This article is about the subject of gay marriage, and the reason why I support it. The thing is, I don't want to live in a country that is supposed to be free, and then you can't marry someone you love. It doesn't really sound right, because it is like saying your painting will only be red, but you find mostly purple.

Why do you believe in gay marriage?

The main reason why I allow gay marriage cause I am one of those people that believe in true love. The thing is, you are literally born unique, and no one will possibly ever have your personality. Unless, we find a way to clone you. I believe that the reason for people that are gay is because of the certain chemicals a mammal has when they are attracted to someone. I don't believe that they can help that sensation. And when they love that certain person, they start wanting to be around them a bit more, until the love evolves to a relationship. Apparently, the love chemicals released is more than likely made when a person is born or developing. Apparently, most of us are built to love the opposite sex, instead of the same sex. It does seem unfair to be disliked and hated just over what you are born to do.

I believe that gays should be treated equal.

I do believe that there is a parallel universe where being gay was normal and being straight was wrong. The thing is, I really don't see how being gay really affects other people's lives. Other than the fact of affecting someone else's religion, or that they can't make any babies. I do have one gay friend, and him being gay wasn't really a problem at all. He pretty much was like my other friends, he wasn't any different form them. Some people out there look to gays like they are aliens. Their love for the same sex shouldn't make them any different. It's like someone that prefers an old gaming console, compared to everyone else loving the new ones. Also, you could say that disliking gay people is pretty much similar to hating someone due to their race.

We should admire them.

Instead of being terrible to gays, we should be supporting them. Most people that choose to be gay would be pressured into being a straight person. However, some of them manage to work through all of that anger thrown at them, and manage to be married with the same sex. Its hard to imagine if we had lost to the Supreme Court, that people who are gay are not allowed to love someone. Because what if all of a sudden, the opposite sex started to be not right for you, but everyone in your sex was right for you. And to be hated all the time for liking your sex, because you prefer it more? It isn't a life to live. What I am trying to say is, people always say that you have control over your life. Well, society is trying to take control of your life just because.

In the end...

In society, people dislike the fact of being different. Sometimes, I feel people insult others for being different because the last time they tried that, everyone disliked it and they were forced to be whoever they were. Its the same as eating barn animals vs eating house pets. Or maybe an tiger as an pet instead of a cat, or maybe a wolf instead of a dog. Since everyone has their preferences, some of the preferences we witness, we force that person to change. I don't really like changing people's personalities, mainly because they want to be that way, so be it. If I really don't like it, I can go ahead an stray away from them. Its too bad that people can't exactly do that. Sure gay marriage is now allowed, but the battle is not over yet.


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28th Jun 2015 (#)

I believe gay marriage solves many legal problems gay couples have to deal with, so in that sense, I think it is good gay marriage is finally officially accepted.

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author avatar Carol Roach
29th Jun 2015 (#)

very well put, I agree with you

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