Geoengineering Destorying Our Planet

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This report is about weather manipulation and the effects that it has on our planet

Geoengineering Ruining Our Planet

Geoengineering Ruining Our Planet

First to understand what geoengineering is, dose and the meaning you have to first understand what geoengineering is and the purpose of geoengineering.
The concept of geoengineering (or climate engineering, climate remediation, and climate intervention) refers to the deliberate large-scale engineering and manipulation of the planetary environment to combat or counteract anthropogenic changes in atmospheric chemistry. In other words geoengineering is the idea of applying planetary engineering to Earth. Geoengineering would involve the deliberate modification of Earth's environment on a large scale "to suit human needs and promote habitability”.The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) came to a conclusion in 2007 that geoengineering options, such as ocean fertilization to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, remained largely unproven.

Geoengineering is vary dangerous, the weather modification is servery dangerous to our beautiful planet and that's whats causing global warming. Reviews of geoengineering techniques have emphasised that they are not substitutes for emission controls and have identified potentially stronger and weaker problem. “Playing with the Earth’s climate is a dangerous game with unclear rules,” said Jackson. “We need more direct ways to tackle global warming, including energy efficiency, reduced consumption, and investment in renewable energy sources.”

They also use Geoengineering For Weaponisation, NOT GOOD!,

Geoengineering research began as a war tactic in the 1940s for the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. During the Vietnam War, the US used geoengineering to flood certain areas. Then in 1976, 85 countries signed the U.N. Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. There are signs going on around the world today of signs of geoengineering being used as weapons right now creating crazy weather patterns around the world. In 1977 the USA, Russia, and China, signed a treaty just like signing a treaty for nuclear weapons . The USA, Russia, and China signed the treaty in 1977 stating that they will not use “Weather Weapons Modification against each other or on the public.

Conclusion, geoengineering is bad for our planet and bad for us the people. This is a vary deviant plan to control the weather and our echo system. There are new forms of geoengineering being develop all every day, one of the most common weather modification are spraying the chem-trails in the sky and falling down and us, the animals, plants, trees, everything is getting saturated with, Barium, Aluminum, along with trace of other metals. Do research in to chemtrails, and geoengineering to get a better understanding, and the dangers of geoengineering.

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7th Apr 2012 (#)

Good article. Thank you jcastine.

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6th May 2012 (#)

Excellent article and something I am becoming increasingly aware of.

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