Going to the source

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Because of the magnitude of contraband in the prison system.

Going to the source

Amazingly enough, prisoners find themselves in a position to have cell phones. This asset can be the cause of much contention among prison officials, especially since it allows prisoners to maintain some sort of “UN-monitored” communication to the outside world. Such communication can be the cause of incidents such as the Arizona escapees that transpired and played out withing the last few weeks. Cell phones have been introduced into the prison systems via some likely sources and some not so likely. Visitors smuggle these items into the prison system and pass them on to inmates, who in turn use them to effect certain activities that by their very nature can be considered as dangerous.

In the book of Job he relates, "So, Job, use your head; this is all pretty obvious. Can someone who hates order, keep order? Do you dare condemn the righteous, mighty God? Doesn't God always tell it like it is, exposing corrupt rulers as scoundrels and criminals? Does he play favorites with the rich and famous and slight the poor? Isn't he equally responsible to everybody? Don't people who deserve it die without notice? Don't wicked rulers tumble to their doom? When the so-called great ones are wiped out, we know God is working behind the scenes. Criminals out looking for nothing but trouble won't have to wait long—they'll meet it coming and going!”

What we have here is a stalemate! Many of these illicit activities that take place in the prison system are as a result of officers that allow themselves to be used as mules by prisoners and their families. Some do it because of personal beliefs that may contradict that of the prison system, while the majority of them do it, just for the money. Because of the magnitude of contraband in the prison system, I can assure you that this problem is much bigger than anyone can imagine. If you want to correct this problem, stop trying to FIX it, deal with it by going to the source.

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