Governor Willard Mitt Romney: Liar, Liar Pants on fire! Part II

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After watching a video clip of the 60 minutes Governor Romney interview with Scott Pelley on a fellow writers article and after a bit of research to make sure Mr. Romney's facts were true, I now will be casting my vote for this former Governor.

And so...

Yes we are back to that clip of Mr. Romney and my explanation of why that one clip, that just happened to be in a fellow writers article, has helped me make my mind up on just whom shall get my vote, during the Presidential elections here in the United States November 6, 2012.

Sadly, 60 minutes have stopped all showings of this video, unless you visit their site and it was their interview so, it is their right to do so. At the end of this article I will provide you with the link, so you can hear it with your own ears.

After I finish my two part series on this one clip, I will also be providing a lot more information on the facts or in some cases, the lack there of, of each and every candidate. This is not a Republican thing, nor is it a Democrat thing, it is a "We the People" kind of thing.

We American citizens own this country and we American citizens have built it and keep on doing so. These politicians work for us, do not ever forget that! It is not the other way around.

60 minutes Interview Excerpt...

PELLEY (voiceover): But lasting budget reform isn't likely without doing something about Social Security and Medicare. They are exactly one third of the entire federal budget. That's one reason Romney chose as a running mate Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

(on camera): There is a lot of rhetoric about Medicare.
What do you intend to do?

ROMNEY: Well, I don't want any change to Medicare for current seniors or for those that are nearing retirement. So the plan stays exactly the same. The President's cutting seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars from current Medicare. I disagree with that. I'd put those dollars back into Medicare.

PELLEY: Mr. Ryan has proposed something similar, almost precisely the same number of seven hundred and sixteen.

ROMNEY: Yeah. He -- he was going to use that money to reduce the -- the budget deficit. I'm putting it back into Medicare and I'm the guy running for president, not him. So what I do in my Medicare plan for younger people coming along to say this, ``We're going to have higher benefits for low-income people and lower benefits for high- income people.'' We're going to make it more means tested. I think if we do that, we'll make sure to preserve Medicare into the indefinite future.

My Take...

I liked this section of the interview for a few reasons, one would be that he makes it perfectly clear, he will be the president and though he values Mr. Ryan's insight, he himself will be the one that has the last word. I like a 'take charge' kind of man or woman.

Now to make the far right mad, let me also add...

I like that Mr. Romney plans on taking a means testing approach when it comes to medicare benefits. As with Mr. Romney and his family but also, President Obama and his family both have enough wealth to live on for the rest of their lives. Do they really need that check?

I say: NO!

Be Fair

I do not have a problem with the very wealthy ('no', that is not a family that makes 250,000 a year by the way, as Mr. Obama wants you to think), not getting that small chump change that they really do not need and I am sure most would agree with me on this.

This money in turn can then go to those that 'really' need it, makes sense to me and as it seems, it makes sense to Mr. Romney.

I am just saying, we are a country of many means and we have the amount of wealth that far exceeds most in this world, can we not take care of those people that 'really' need the help.

60 minutes Interview excerpts...

PELLEY: How would you ease the anti-American sentiment that we see in the Middle East?

ROMNEY: Communicate to nations like Egypt, and Egypt is -- if you will, the major player, eighty million people, the center of the Arab world. Egypt needs to understand what the -- the rules are. That to remain an ally of the United States, to receive foreign aid from the United States, to receive foreign investment from ourselves and from our friends, I believe, around the world, that they must honor their peace agreement with Israel. That they must also show respect and -- and provide civil rights for minorities in their country. And they also have to protect our -- our embassies. I think we also have to communicate that Israel is our ally., our close ally. The President's decision not to meet with Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, when the prime minister is here for the United Nations session, I think, is a mistake and it sends a message throughout the -- the Middle East that somehow we distance ourselves from our friends and I think the exact opposite approach is what's necessary.

PELLEY: There are a lot of unknowns in being President. I wonder how you would make a decision on whether to send U.S. forces into combat.

ROMNEY: Well, it would be a very high hurdle. Number one, a very substantial American interest at stake. Number two, a clear definition of our mission. Number three, a clear definition of how we'll know when our mission is complete. Number four, providing the resources to make sure that we can carry out that mission effectively, overwhelming resources. And finally, a clear understanding of what will be left after we leave. All of those would have to be in place before I were to decide to deploy American military might in any foreign place.

My Take...

This is one American tax payers opinion: I could not agree more with Mr. Romney's assessment on just whom shall receive my money.

I also feel so strongly that, if we do not stand up next to (and for) our allies then that leaves them vulnerable against one too many terrorist organization across the world, especially in the Middle East and northern Africa.

If you are receiving my tax money than yes, I expect you to take care of our interest in your region. This is an agreement in which you signed onto, be men/women of your word is all I am saying.

Do I believe we should give any foreign aid, yes I do but, I also expect it to be used for good. When it ceases to do so then, I think we should examine if it is worth our time and treasure. At times in life, you must draw a line in the sand.

Utter Chaos!

When we do go to war or whatever other name folks want to call it, we must have an idea just what we will be leaving, when done. It is our responsibility! If we just bomb and leave, we create a uncertainty and then each terrorist group in that country and all around the world, try to fill the whole we leave. This is exactly what we did in Libya.

What do we have now in Libya, an absolute mess and even worse, our leaders have no clue what to do about it. Not shocking to me by the way, as I have followed this failed administration from one blunder to the next.

Yes, we should expect those host countries that we have personnel in to keep them safe but, we also have to be careful what we leave behind in our aftermath.

So do I like Romney's stance on this issue: Let me just say, "I back it 100%!".

Thank You!

Well, here is what made me really take a good hard look at this man, Governor Willard Mitt Romney and what I have found out, has now made my Husband and I decide that...

We (now) have a dog in this hunt.

Do I agree with all that he has to offer or has done while he was in office, well no. I have only once in my life been 95% agreement with a politician and no, it is not Ronald Reagan. The bottom line is, I have more in common with Mr. Romney than I will ever have with Mr. Obama, on how to run this country. Better yet, I agree with Mr. Romney/Mr. Ryan 100% on the key issues that concern me and those in my world.

So thank you my fellow writer for awakening a (now) very energized voter.

Romney interview: 60 minutes

Interview transcript source:

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author avatar Robb714
14th Oct 2012 (#)

An excellent addition to part I, Denise. Congrats on the Star!

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author avatar Denise O
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you Robb for your kind words. As 'always', thank you for stopping by.:)

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
26th Oct 2012 (#)

A great job on the article and getting the star.

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author avatar Denise O
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you Clarence for your kind words and for stopping by, I appreciate it.:)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Another well analyzed political topic. Thank you Denise.

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author avatar Denise O
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you sir, I wish I had more time, there is so much more but, time is just not on my side. I sure do hope the Americans make the right choice this time. We are drowning here. As always, thank you for stopping by.:)

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