'Grotesque inequality' as MP Clive Lewis makes legal threat (#Barbados50 - part 4)

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In my second open letter to Norfolk Police Chief Constable Simon Bailey, I decry and 'deconstruct' a legal threat made by my local MP Clive Lewis in response to my criticism of him in the first letter.

I not only include a copy of the email in which the legal threat is made but also previous emails, that I believe justify my criticism of the former BBC reporter Lewis.

Press Freedom champion or chamelion

Dear Chief Constable Bailey,

Norfolk MP Clive Lewis' office has responded to my recent open letter to you by subtly threatening legal action.

Yesterday, January 15, I received an email from Mr Lewis’ assistant “Jamie”, who I believe to be “Jamie Smith”, a Lewis supporter that maintains the Norwich South MP’s website.

The email takes issue with my informing you and the Norfolk and wider UK public that Mr Lewis has been implicated in a Barbados-sown, globally grown race, religion and gender racketeering criminal conspiracy.

It reads,

Dear Mr Campbell

Thank you for your email regarding claims against Mr Lewis and the blog post documenting the meeting held between yourself, myself and my colleague Adam.

I have contacted the legal team at Labour Party HQ regarding this and suggest you remove it.

Please do not contact our office about this issue in future.

Kind regards

Office of Clive Lewis MP

CC Bailey, up to the time of writing this article I had not responded to “Jamie” (or Mr Smith) but I do not intend to “remove” the article I have published.

I will not be intimidated by a former BBC Norfolk reporter-turned-politician.

Frankly, I am a bit surprised by this tactic as it suggests that Mr Lewis is not even going to try to project the illusion that he, a political reporter, cares about press freedom.

Moreover, it suggests that Mr Lewis shares his former BBC Norfolk colleague Mike Liggins’ rather patently prejudiced, low opinion of me: an opinion he holds to the BBC’s and the Norfolk and wider UK public’s detriment.

I will do nothing to encourage their misguided, morally suspect opinion of me, my methods or my motives.

I will not be party to that conspiracy.

I will not encourage or indulge those conspirators or others in the delusion that I can be persuaded to abandon my crusade for justice for my client and myself by ill-advised, litigious threats.

As I wrote this article on Sunday, January 17, I happened to tune in to The Andrew Marr Show on BBC One (television) where Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was denouncing Britain’s “grotesque levels of inequality” at every opportunity his host presented.

Reflecting on his seemingly pre-scripted use of that phrase, I could not help but marvel at the fact that Mr Lewis’ threat to have his party’s considerable legal and other resources deployed against me sets up just the kind of unequal, privilege exploiting, big bully basher scenario that both he and Mr Corbyn claim to be opposing!

Finally, but only because I thought I should save this most intriguing item of evidence for last, not because I am unaware of its significance: I note that the “Office of Clive Lewis MP” email does not even allude to the dilemma of my client.

I think it speaks volumes that Mr Lewis’ office makes no attempt to even create the impression that this Labour Party politician’s concern for his public image is matched by any concern for how Norfolk County Council and your organization, Norfolk Police, is treating the vulnerable, 24-hour-care-needing adult that is my client.

I think this extraordinary email is a study in public image pinned and propelled political over-reaction.

I cannot see how any of the many people being affected by Norfolk County Council failings (be those failings the consequence of criminal fraudulent or “innocent” incompetence) might find any hope or comfort in the self-obsession signalled by Mr Lewis’ official response to my article.

Empathizing with the relatively newly minted parliamentarian Mr Lewis, the Barbados-sown, globally-grown criminal conspiracy that he is being implicated in by a considerable, growing body of evidence (as is the evidence implicating the BBC, the Eastern Daily Press, the University of Illinois, the East Anglia Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Daily Press, Lloyds Bank and other individuals and organizations) is, in a word, breathtaking.

CC Bailey, this more than 30 years-running conspiracy (or series of conspiracies) that I have been begging you and other law enforcement, news media, religious and other individuals and organizations to help me fight has apparently floored or enfeebled the legal battle-hardened Laura Clower, Senior Counsel at the University of Illinois.

Since contacting me on January 4th about this matter, Ms Clower seems to have gone psycho-socially “missing in action”.

But I am trusting that she will speedily be restored to her fighting fit, ethically equipped self, perhaps with her UofI colleagues’ (like Head and Gutgsell Professor, Education Policy, Organization and Leadership, James D. Anderson and Acting Chancellor Barbara Wilson) and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner’s help.

Professor Anderson, whose many credits include authorship of Forgotten Genius: The Percy Julian Story, can clearly bring some useful evidence detecting and narrative composing skills to the UofI’s investigation and contextualization of the quite complex global, criminal conspiratorial web that the Barbados government, the Anglican Church’s Barbados diocese and other parties have spun.

But my point is that given the magnitude and complexity of the Barbados MP Donville Inniss facilitated criminal conspiracy, I can understand how Mr Lewis might assume that it is inevitably linked to the much smaller Norfolk County Council criminal conspiracy against myself and my client.

He might assume that a “wheel within a wheel” relationship exists between to the two things.

However, I have not made that assumption.

The email trail

More crucially though, as sympathetic as I am with Mr Lewis’ and others’ conspiracies blurring or similar dilemmas or problems (including yours CC Bailey), I cannot change the course upon which I have embarked.

I cannot abandon my client’s and my interests or limit our perfectly reasonable, human rights, tax-paying and otherwise supported expectations and ambitions.

What I will do is share with you and the good people of Norfolk a series of emails between Mr Lewis’ office and myself that should help put my belief that he is implicated in the bigger conspiracy in perspective.

The longest of these emails includes a record of my October 2, 2015 meeting with Jamie and Mr Adam Giles, the other member of “Team Clive” mentioned in the email I received on January 15.

Mr Lewis was supposed to attend that constituency surgery meeting but just before it began I was informed that he could not do so because he had been delayed in London.

Please note that I was told this several minutes after I had arrived at MP Lewis’ surgery, housed in the Graham Dacre-owned Open premises located on Bank Plain in Norwich.

The ownership of the building is significant, as Mr Dacre, a local millionaire, has strong ties to Barbados’ religious establishment.

But I shall have to elaborate on what that could mean in another article.

My record of the meeting was composed days after it occurred and I submitted it to Mr Lewis’ office where it was verified by Mr Giles.

Indeed, as one email makes clear, he added an item of evidence that I had mentioned but failed to include in my record of our October 2 conversation.

Here are the emails:

From: "Jay Campbell"
Sent: 9 October 2015 13:45
To: Office of Clive Lewis MP
Subject: Re: Case Ref: ZA 0197 - Record of Friday, October 2, 2015 meeting (Case Ref: ZA0497)

Hi Adam
Thanks for getting back to me.
I will add the items that you mentioned to my record.
I will also add my suggestion that Mr Lewis may be able to assist me through his links to the media, especially his links to BBC Norfolk.
I am currently receiving professional counselling to help me deal with the stress of my situation.
If I think it prudent to have my counsellor (or my GP) contact Mr Lewis I will facilitate that.
While I'm on this topic: I did see my counsellor on Tuesday and discussed my meeting with yourself and Jamie with him.
I also informed him that I will not be providing the list Jamie requested at this point.
I believe that the information I have provided so far is enough to at least warrant some attempt by Mr Lewis to establish the truth (or not) of my claims - especially my claim about Barbadian MP Donville Inniss' abuse of my business name.
Also, inform Mr Lewis that it is my studied opinion that if he is really concerned for my mental and/or emotional wellbeing, his energies may be more effectively used by using his contacts with the National Union of Journalists and other entities and individuals to help me break the psycho-socially oppressive, stranglehold of silence that BBC Norfolk, the wider BBC and other UK, Caribbean, US, Canadian and other media houses and their political co-assassins have been imposing on me!

Sincerely,J CampbellFounder-PrincipalIntelek International

| |
| | | Junior Campbellabout.me/Junior.Campbell |

| |

On Thursday, 8 October 2015, 11:24, Office of Clive Lewis MP wrote:

Dear Mr Campbell

Thank you for this e-mail composing a brief record of our meeting last Friday. Could you just please add what you said in the meeting regarding the cancellation of a performance in Barbados in front of a Brazilian diplomat, and the BBC not reporting on a scandal you alleged to have discovered in relation to Dominoes in the UK.

I gather that the character assassination campaign that you believe the Barbadian Government are engaging in against you is causing you a great deal of stress.

Would you be prepared for us to contact your GP to highlight our concern for your welfare? If so, what is their name and contact details?

Kind regards

Adam Giles

From: "Jay Campbell"
Sent: 7 October 2015 05:48
To: Office of Clive Lewis MP
Subject: Case Ref: ZA 0197 - Record of Friday, October 2, 2015 meeting

Dear Mr Lewis

Below I have compiled a brief record of my meeting with Jamie and Adam of your Support Team last Friday.
Please let me know if there are any corrections or additions that you wish to make.
Kind regardsJ

Record of Friday, October 2, 2015 meeting
I was greeted by Jamie and informed that Mr Lewis was held-up in London and would not be attending the meeting.
I was asked to explain the matter I wanted Mr Lewis to address.
I offered a brief summary, recounting the situation I had described in an email to Mr Lewis' office on September 29, 2015.
Here is that information again:
"I'm the object of what appears to be a Barbados-sown, globally-grown, long-running campaign of character assassination, economic sabotage and political subterfuge."
I also noted that both the ruling Democratic Labour Party and the opposition Barbados Labour Party are members of the Socialist International in London, as it the British Labour Party.
I also said that so far as I could tell members of the Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats were complicit in the campaign against me.
Prompted by a comment by Adam about "colonial relations", I sought to make it clear that I do not subscribe to the common notion that the British-Barbados colonial relationship was a "one-way" arrangement with benefits accruing to the British and losses being borne by Barbadians.
I was either asked for or simply volunteered information about Barbadian MP Donville Inniss' attack on my business, Intelek International, as an example of the kind of violations I was being subjected to by the Barbados government.
I shared how months after I created the domain name Intelek.net, Mr Inniss created the domain name Intelek.com but has never created an Intelek.com website.
I noted that he has instead linked the domain name Intelek.com - and in turn, my business - to the pornography website Orgasm.com, in which he has or has had a proprietorial interest. The domain name Intelek.com was originally registered to his catering company, Fiesta Catering International.
Jamie asked for another example of the attacks to which I have been subjected and I told him and Adam about how I appear to have been targeted by MI5 or some other security body as a possible Al Queda affiliate, because of my association with Barbadian Pan Africanists who had participated in the ill-fated 2001 UN anti-racism Conference that preceded the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Jamie said the person, a total stranger, who linked me to Al Queda might have been a lunatic. Adam said it might just have been a racially motivated slight.
I explained that UN Conference context, which I had not previously stated. I had only mentioned that this stranger had approached me in the Millennium Library with bizarre questions, and I felt he might have been misinformed by the Barbados government.
Jamie then said that Mr Lewis would not be able to help me because the matter would be too controversial.
I replied that controversy is par for the course in politics.
Jamie then said Mr Lewis could not get involved because the matter could lead to a diplomatic incident.
I replied that this too seemed a routine risk of politics. - just another kind of controversy, essentially.
At about this time Jamie said the meeting must end because they were expecting another person.
Adam left the room to collect the person who had the next appointment.
I asked if we could continue until that person, who was late, arrived.
Jamie said no.
I believe it was around this time, as I was preparing to leave, that I mentioned that my former local MP Simon Wright had offered to help but achieved little ultimately. I also noted that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had merely suggested I hire a solicitor.
Jamie said why did I raise the matter with Mr Wright as late as I had. I said I had raised it with him when I found out about Mr Inniss' attack.
Jamie asked for a list of other attacks. I agreed to provide the list.
I said I had hoped that Mr Lewis could work with me constructively and creatively and that his failure or inability to do so is likely to have consequences for the Labour Party.
I thanked Jamie and Adam for their time, bud them a good day and left the meeting.

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Clive Lewis Mp, Norfolk Police, University Of Illinois

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