Guide To Choose Right Female or Male Voice Over Talent

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Irrespective of what your project is, having a voice over on it can enhance audience’s perception, captures their attention and makes the project fun.


Do you offer an online course and need voice over for the same? Do you have a slide show that can be better with verbal skills? Do you have a video project that requires male voice over? If your answer to any of these questions is a ‘yes,’ then this guide is designed just for you.

Understand that voice overs, whether from male or a female require lots of talent and skill. A professional narrator is well-versed in the art of speech and uses language to capture attention of people. That’s why, when you choose female or male voice over talent, you need to focus on finding someone who is sound knowledgeable and understands the subject. The individual should be able to emote many moods that can fit the project and the script. Apart from having a professional degree, a voice over talent must demonstrate discipline, voice control and enunciation.

So, how do you select a voice over talent?

Well, this is how you can start.

Know Where the Recording Shall Happen

Before you go on a journey to find the right voice over talent for your project, make sure that you determine where the actual recording session shall be held. This is important because you will need a narrator accordingly. You might want to opt for a recording studio, where you can get an audio engineer with the right amount of expertise. Although expensive, a recording studio will give you better results.

Listen to Demos

Find male voice over talent on the basis of their demos. Professional narrators and voice over artists have high quality of demos, including previous projects available on demand. Listening to these demos will help you understand the style, range and other factors involved with the voice over. At the same time, it will help you analyze everything in more detail.

Does the Voice Fits?

A professional voice would only bring you success if it fits the audience. For instance, for online courses or a documentary narration about Africa, you might want a male voice. You may need some accent as well. At the same time, you have to ensure that the voice is sophisticated and elegant or playful and enthusiastic depending on whether your audience includes adults or kids. In case of any confusion, you might want to choose a voice over artist who has different tones of voice and can mold their communication style to suit the needs of an audience.

Know the Subtle Qualities

The pitch and tone should be easy on the ear and look for some special quality of the ‘X’ factor in the voices of potential artist. Pay attention of the rhythm of narration and see how the reading flow of a person is. Clarity in pronunciation is a necessity. This will help convey the message effectively.

So, use these tips and you will have a female or male voice over talent for your project.


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