Heat: Our Planet is Cooking Us Slowly

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This was my response to an episode of Frontline entitled "Heat." I offer a solution to global warming.

Heat: Our Planet is Cooking Us Slowly

Global warming is a topic that has become the most pressing issue of our time. Despite the few people who believe that the earth is warming up naturally on its own, most everyone else believes that the actions of Man have attributed greatly to this crisis. And then there are those who believe it is a combination of both. Well, yes, global warming is real and the actions of Man have seemed to be a great contributor to the rise in earth’s temperature over the last century. There will be severe consequences if the path that we are on does not change course. We are already experiencing the effects of global warming at an accelerating rate, and there are many different ways in which the initial causes can either be eliminated or lessened significantly.

What is global warming? Global warming is the phrase used to describe the gradual rise in the temperature on the earth’s surface that is caused by the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This increase in carbon dioxide makes it harder for heat from the sun to escape. This results in the greenhouse effect, and basically ends up slow cooking the earth. Climate change is not new; it has been experienced as long as history can be traced. But this is the first time that over 6 billion people will experience it, and the first time that Man has helped speed it up.

What are some of the contributors to global warming? Coal burning, ethanol production, and cement production are among the leading contributors. Basically anything that produces carbon dioxide as a by-product contributes to global warming. Driving a car even adds to the mess. One might think that identifying the root cause of the problem would lead to a plan to solve it, but one is hoped to not be so naïve. The United States has many states heavily dependent on coal, many states with farmers depending on subsidies to grow corn for ethanol production, and many construction companies who need cement in order to build. These are just the prime examples; there are indeed many, many more. Do not let me forget to bring up the fact that we live in a capitalistic society, and companies have a responsibility to their shareholders to make a profit. This in itself will deter companies from doing things differently.

Those were some factors helping global warming along its destructive path. Why is global warming so bad? Well, there are lots of reasons. Probably the most talked about reason is the fact that polar ice caps have begun to melt and will continue to do so at an exponentially increasing rate. Polar ice caps, glaciers, and just about anything frozen will melt over time. So what? That melted ice has to go somewhere, and odds are we won’t be up there bottling it at the source. It will join the other bodies of water, which includes oceans, lakes, and rivers, and will cause these bodies of water to reach higher levels, which will then lead to losses of land along coastlines. People will lose their homes. This is undesirable.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many areas of the world will experience unprecedented droughts that will essentially kill off any current life and make those areas uninhabitable. Then there is the weather. Severe weather will be more common, and continue to get worse and worse while also becoming more frequent. With more water available from melting ice caps for cloud production, there will be more rainfall. If you think about it, a rainstorm is merely a water redistribution system that occurs naturally. The sun causes water from some source to evaporate and condense into clouds. Eventually, the clouds become dense enough, and it rains. However, it usually rains over areas that did not contribute to the initial cloud production. One could expect this to result in more floods. It does not take a meteorologist or a rocket scientist to observe the recent weather patterns and catastrophes and connect the dots. We are already experiencing the worst of the known worst when it comes to severe weather. Can we afford for it to get worse?

There are other problems associated with global warming. Despite all of the research and warnings, there are many obstacles impeding any progress. There is such a tangled knot of policies and regulations on Capitol Hill and within individual companies that it seems like everyone is stuck in a stalemate. And now I realize I didn’t even touch on ethanol production. Wow. Okay, I’m going to try to bring this all together. It is such a vicious cycle, that it can all take place in this vicious paragraph. Ethanol production is good for our farmers, but it does cause food prices to go up, which opens up the door for foreign markets to compete. With foreign food markets being able to compete, they will need to destroy more forests to create farmland. Which will lead to less carbon dioxide being removed from the air. Another leading factor of global warming. Okay, then you have lobbyists who influence environmental policies. Companies have stockholders and must look out for their interests, which takes precedence over the environment. It’s all about money and profits to them. So this gives us shady government policy-making and companies unwilling to take any steps to become environmentally friendly. These are some of the things impeding progress.

There is some progress being made, but it is not nearly enough. What, then, needs to be done? I have an answer to this question. The plan that I am about to propose may seem impossible, or insane. Sorry, but that is how I roll. First of all, we must realize that the world is moving into a global economy. Knowing this, it is important to come up with a solution that is all-encompassing and involves everyone. Everyone will share with the effort and cost, just as everyone will benefit. If we stopped looking at money as the only form of payment and started looking more at the fruits of our labor and feeling good about it, this might work. Alternatives to coal and ethanol must be utilized. Cars either must be hybrids or completely electric. There needs to be a more efficient way to store carbon dioxide. Ways to make cement production more efficient and less damaging need to be developed. Anything that can be done must be done. Let us think about this for a second. If we looked at the world as a whole, all countries as one unified entity, and everyone worked together to make this happen, the benefits and rewards far surpass the costs.

Does money have to be the only form of payment for whatever goods and services are required for all of these important changes? Can knowing we are making the world a better place for everyone be payment enough? Can knowing how much our lives will improve across the board be payment enough? Can we not come up with a unified plan that everyone has a certain role to play, and for the moment, suspend all costs to those who are helping with the promise of hefty monetary gains down the line once the project is complete? Can we not look at the short term costs and begin to only look at the long-term gains? If everyone worked together, we could bring carbon dioxide levels to records lows, and possibly begin reversing global warming. If we all agreed to take short term losses, and we got the ball rolling, and everyone began working on the project immediately, we could get it done in a matter of years. Think about it.



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author avatar Rathnashikamani
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Awesome presentation on global warming.
Let's work towards a cool planet.

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