Herman Cain and Bias against Men in Sexual Scandals

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Recent accusations against Herman Cain - and the corresponding attacks he received - highlight how sexual misconduct claims against men often lead to a "guilty until proven innocent" mentality in the minds of many members of the public. While society's disdain for sexual crimes should be commended, men, particularly those well-known, are at risk of losing their reputations and livelihoods without ever being convicted of a crime.

Enter Herman Cain

Here we have an ascendent political personality, successful in business and suddenly finding themselves in the presidential nomination limelight. Along come a couple of women with allegations of sexual impropriety dating back to the 1990s. The media's single-minded focus on this issue forces him to respond to allegations not even in the criminal justice system when he should be applying himself to the nomination race. Sound all too familiar? To me it does.

Personally, I don't think Herman Cain is guilty of any crime. My gut feeling is that nothing these women are accusing him of ever took place. It always strikes me how these regurgitated claims surface when someone is years down the track and even more successful than they were before.

Others are free to disagree with my opinion. It's a free society, after all. Yet even if I am wrong and Herman Cain did, in fact, commit the purported acts, until such time as he is convicted of them, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence. However serious and disgusting sexual assault or similar impropriety is, this is not an Osama bin Laden-style act, where a heinous public crime is committed, a suspect openly admits to it and he is henceforth seen as "guilty" of the crime. Mr. Cain fervently denies the accusations; the situation also lacks the kind of kind of "hard and fast" evidence (for instance, actual video footage of someone assaulting another person, which is then broadcast in media outlets) that would make associating someone with criminal guilt easy and understandable. The waters here are far murkier.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn's story is another fruitful example. Yes, I realise Dominique has a reputation for womanising and philandering at the best of times. But these are still separate concepts from sexual assault or rape. This man had to resign from his position, one both lucrative and for which he had to work phenomenally hard, because of claims that were later thrown out of court because the accuser was found to be so unreliable and untrustworthy in her character and actions.

For at least the time being and probably for all time, Strauss-Kahn's potential political career, including a tilt for the French Presidency, is destroyed by the situation he now finds himself in. Where is the fairness or justice? I don't agree at all with his Socialist politics but the fact remains he should be allowed to continue where he left off. But society will not let him. What an absolute disgrace to think the kangaroo court of SOME public opinion can do this to a man!

The Reality of False Sexual Assault Claims

This bias goes beyond the powerful or those with celebrity status. This year, for instance, a well-known US weather presenter falsely claimed she had been attacked while jogging. She described her attacker as a Hispanic male and, lo and behold, a man matching that incredibly broad category was picked up (I guess a nicer word than arrested?) and quizzed by police. It seems the typical response is to believe something without question and immediately leap upon a lead, however loose and suspect it may be. In the meantime, the man's life is turned upside down.

As it stands, the financial (and in the case of the weather presenter, attention-seeking) benefits of making a fraudulent sexual assault accusation are numerous. By no means am I saying this represents a majority of sexual assault claims. Huge numbers of people, primarily women, are the victims of such heinous attacks every year. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that there are not incentives for morally-disinclined individuals to manipulate a situation for their own gain - usually at the expense of a man's entire reputation, if not most of his pocket as well.


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author avatar Denise O
28th Nov 2011 (#)

Benedict, I do have to say I am mixed on this, as in, I can't even say if the women are telling the truth (those still under a gag order) or not or even what the charges were. Is Herman Cain telling the truth or not, I just do not know, the facts have not been presented on either side. I as a woman, hate to say any woman is a liar over this but, it happens all the time. I find the one woman that did come out, not to be credible. This is such a slippery slope when it comes to crimes committed towards women. They too have to be placed under judgement by society and usually unfairly. I know folks eyeroll over this but, we have had one too many presidents that have done far worse and society has overlooked it and when I think of the most recent in our American history, they are both dems. Is it that the media has jumped all over it because Herman Cain is a republican, I can only go by what I see on the reports that the media have written about him and yes, that is the case. I was leaning towards Herman Cain but, he has no chance now, the media has been the jury, judge and executioner on this one, sadly. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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