Hitech sexual harassment of women in India

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The shocking and true story of how high tech, sophisticated and expensive equipment is used in India to sexually harass harmless innocent vulnerable single women in India out of hatred, greed and jealousy

Hitech sexual harassment of women in India has made their life difficult

Indian security and intelligence agencies may procure the latest surveillance and directed energy weapons falsely claiming that it will be required for national security yet actually the most expensive and sophisticated monitoring and surveillance equipment are rather shockingly used for sexual harassment of innocent harmless women, usually in their homes. Due to the lack of scientific temper in the country, the government will blindly believe the complete lies of these dishonest cunning officials in technical intelligence agencies, instead of cross checking their claims

These cunning dishonest and extremely powerful officials have perfected the art of wasting tax payer money for personal gain, hatred and greed. They will first defame the innocent harmless woman,making up extremely malicious stories without any proof at all to ruin her reputation and justify all their atrocities and sexual harassment in future. Then they will put the woman under surveillance for more than 5 years, trying to find non existent proof to support their complete lies. Aerial surveillance will be used to monitor and track the position of the woman,so that the officials can ogle at her

If a person is guilty the officials will be able to find proof in a year or two. Yet these extremely incompetent officials are allowed to waste tax payer money to monitor a harmless single woman engineer for more than 5 years,so that they can ogle at her. If a stranger was to ogle at a woman on the roads or in public, she would immediately complain. In this case, these officials are not only denying the harmless woman her fundamental right to privacy at home, they are also remaining invisible while sexually harassing her daily for years.

Not only do these officials ogle and sexually harass the woman in her house and outside, these perverted officials will openly boast that they ogle at the woman even while she is in the bathroom. Expensive and sophisticated infra red imaging will be used to monitor the woman in her bathroom, and then she will be expected to pay crooked content writers like the shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar from benguluru for content where the sexual harassment of these perverted powerful officials will be described in great detail.

It now appears that these perverted cruel officials, getting a monthly salary from indian tax payer money, have no other work except monitoring the bathroom of the house where the woman will stay. Whenever she will be in the bathroom they will attack her with the most sophisticated directed energy weapons to cause great pain. These cruel men would never have the courage to attack the harmless woman openly as they would face police case for assault or a case of sexual harassment.
If these perverted off have no work other than sexually harassing women, and human rights abuses, they should be assigned some other work.

They are only attacking a harmless woman because the hitech weapons allow them to remain hidden while assaulting the woman,leaving behind no evidence.Thus the perverted cruel corrupt officials are allowed to waste tax payer money to sexually harass and attack harmless women for years, without being questioned falsely claiming national security matters


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author avatar Poh Tiong Ho
10th Jul 2015 (#)

Niche: I believe every word you said. India is indeed a very difficult country to manage. There are simply too many perverted government officers in India.

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