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The plight of millions this holiday season continues to make this time of the year a very bleak one.

Home For The Holidays

In what used to be the land of plenty at a time not to far distant the story of life continues. As with all great works of literature there is a beginning and an end. The chapters in between are filled with hopes, unfulfilled dreams, triumphs, sorrows and tragedies. The circle of life always comes to a close. As we once more approach another holiday season we are ever mindful of the fact that in no other time of the year has emotions of fleeting memories cause reflections of the past.

The reverence of the season is the time where so many of us contemplate the events of the past year. Many give thanks for the blessings received. And, yet too many have faced insurmountable challenges that have rendered the human experience hopelessly incapable of easing the pain and anguish inflected upon the by circumstances beyond their control.

We are all mindful of the fact that this past year was filled with all those mundane everyday occurrences to the earth shaking events that rattled the whole world. Now, as chestnuts are going to be roasted in so many fireplaces this season many of us remember a distant time, a period almost forgotten now. In retrospect the simplicity of all those yesteryears where traditions were made is a haunting reminder of growing older. A Sinclair Lewis narrative amidst a Norman Rockwell back drop epitomized the spirit of the season. Little did we realize back then what the world would be like more than a half century latter.

Today, the world is rapidly changing. The simplicity of all those bye gone years have been replaced with a much faster more complex reality. A realization that for many long for those yesteryears when at this time of the year the spirit of the season actually was the most joyous time of the year. Now, as we enter another Holiday season those long standing traditions of eggnog and roast goose a somber reality is realized by far too many the world over. A season not of exhilaration and anticipation of refined holiday dinners but an emptiness where hunger, woe, and misery are all too evident in every part of the world.

The materialization of American society has now completely overshadowed the true meaning why we give thanks on Thanksgiving and with a deep reverence to the meaning why Jesus came into this world so long ago. As the multitudes stomp their way to shopping malls there are countless Bob Cratchit's the world over who continue to struggle just to survive another day. For countless millions the optimism coming into this holiday season has never really surfaced. The Grim Reaper of economic reality continues to sweep across the land.

The joy and laughter of yesterdays holiday seasons are long gone now for most. The air is filled today with clouds of anxiety, apprehension and despair. In no other time of the year are the stark differences more apparent of those whose wealth has shielded them form the harsh realities of today's world than those millions who are less fortunate.

As much as our newly elected Republicans and the media like to tout the apprehension in our society is well founded. The facts speak for themselves. For the majority of Americans today their living standards are at all time lows. And even with states passage of increasing the minimum wage and wages in general that are being offered don't even come close to keeping up with the cost of living. And according to a 2013 UNICEF report ranked the U.S. as having the second highest relative child poverty rates in the developed world. Today, the United States is facing the greatest income disparity gag in history and it is only getting wider. The largest disproportion of wealth has made this holiday season a very bleak one for millions. A home for the holidays, the American Dream has yet to be a realization for many. And, for so many more that home for the holidays has been snatched away by foreclosure a harsh reality that so many are facing due to circumstances that are really out of their control.

A time long since past where the meaning of the holiday season shown as bright as the stars. Where so many fine joyous memories and traditions were made. A sad reality today is that so many now want to experience a holiday season where they too can make their own memories and traditions but can't.


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author avatar vpaulose
14th Nov 2014 (#)

Very true facts. Thank you.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
14th Nov 2014 (#)

so much truth herein dear Tim...thank you and happy holidays...xox

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