How America Might Be Happy With Obama

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Useful tips are given on how great America is and how to be happy with Obama. Politics and Religion are hot topics but happiness is more important.

How America Might Be Happy With Obama

Half the country is happy with an Obama presidency and half is not on Election Day 2012. As time goes on more people are unhappy with Obama then ever before. Here are some tips on how to be happy with Obama no matter how you voted. You can rejoice or be depressed with the election outcome but not change the results. Perhaps reading this will help bring our country together just a smidgen more than it is now. It might also help those who did not vote for Obama cope with their anger or even prosper during his term.

Take Romney’s Advice

In his concession speech Mitt Romney said to pray for Obama. As a kid with tests in school I learned that most of my prayers involved giving thanks or begging for help in a crisis. If you voted for Obama give thanks and be happy. If you did not and see our country in a crisis then pray a little harder.

It sure could not hurt if the entire country started saying more prayers for our country and our President. I would guess that not many people commit crimes or do harm to others while they are praying. There are some exceptions such as mentally ill people or extremists. If American citizens took Romney’s request for prayer and applied it earnestly that might be a good idea.

Open Your Mind and Be Happy

Let different information sources soak into your mind. Don’t just watch the same news source or read one sided commentaries. By opening your mind to different opinions happy thoughts may replace anger. Worrying about how things are going may be replaced by changing to make things better.

I depend on stock dividends and profit for some my income, and expect to pay more in taxes because of Obama. The policies of this president will probably hurt my plan. Instead of going into a panic I will be looking at alternatives or adjusting how I invest. Reading different sources instead of complaining about what is happening is a great way to be happy and reduce frustration.

Change Your Direction

You cannot change the policies of the President but you can change your direction because of his policies. If tax rates go up and there are more deductions then take advantage of that. Certain industries may do well because of Obama politics. Your job or investments may have to be adjusted in that direction. Be open to change instead of just complaining.

If you think this country is not going to be a great place soon then consider moving. If you are truly unhappy in America then look at alternatives. After doing a bit of research a serious change in direction may be the way for you to be happy. People who no longer like America such as Bill Ayers should leave and try someplace else.

Why the Last Words the Same?

It is weird that the last sentences in Obama’s victory speech and Romney’s concession speech contained the same keywords. Romney said “God Bless America” and Obama said “God bless these United States.” Perhaps there is a good thought here. Prayer might help America be blessed.

As I pondered and thought about America those words “God Bless” smacked me in that part of my brain that says be happy. Maybe with prayer and an open mind God really does bless America. That might be a great way to know how to be happy with Obama, or at least feel a bit better one day at a time.


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
24th Sep 2014 (#)

Bill, thanks for sharing this article. I think at any given time half the people will feel one way and half the people will feel the other way. I do not believe there is anyone that could make everyone happy. I think it's up to us to be happy.

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author avatar Retired
24th Sep 2014 (#)

I like this perspective, Bill. In the end, God's in charge; not the fallible humans we other fallible humans elect into office. Thanks for this.

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author avatar snerfu
25th Sep 2014 (#)

Writers make a difference to how public opinion will be shaped. It is good to hear from this viewpoint from you Mr Harbin. Wish you well.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Sep 2014 (#)

Thanks Bill for this positive take that is applicable anywhere, anytime. We have to adapt and adjust than just feel miserable like complaining about the weather. My view is the President has little leeway as the problems were created before offering no easy solution. Thinking out of the box is not easy in the prevailing circumstances - siva

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author avatar Lee Hansen
1st Oct 2014 (#)

As a Christian I pray for not only President Obama but all Congressional leaders too. Constant complaining just leads to more negative attitudes. Their jobs are something that I would never aspire to but be that as it may, I will continue to pray for our leaders. It is obvious that they sorely need it.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
21st Oct 2014 (#)

I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Nonetheless our happiness does not depend or depend on a sorry-ass president (sorry Obama fans) no matter what he does. I hope for a better man to fill in the shoes, soon.

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author avatar Retired
28th Oct 2014 (#)

My happiness is derived from personal achievement, driven by personal incentive, accomplished by the freedom to THINK, PLAN, and DO. All of that is erased by dependence on government. Obama's regime has taken away self achievement and put our aspirations for happiness under government control.

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