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We wanted change, well we got it , for the worse, 3 trillion more debt and nothing to show for it. The U. S. A. is a big business , the president has no experience of any kind, especially business. Hope the citizens come to their senses by election time.

What is the reason for voting the way they do.?

That question has been ask many times in past election times and especially in this presidential election where there is so much at stake, the people have so much to lose if the wrong person get s elected like in the last election.
He promised us change and things did change for the worst, and the way it looks it will be a long time getting back to where we were before he got elected. There were many indicators I told people to look for, but I don’t think anyone did, or they ignored their common sense and reason. Why would you vote for person with no experience? Would you take your car in to be fixed by a mechanic with no grease under his fingernails?
Will the voting public still vote for him after all his failures, the unparallel spending that has made our national debt increase by three trillion dollars? I certainly hope they don’t. The Question is why did they vote for him in the first place?

They were promised many things, none of which were delivered. Except change, but it was the wrong kind of change, not what the people wanted at all. The facts were there for them to see but , I honestly don’t think they bothered to read , that would have taken some effort, instead they jumped on the band wagon and voted for the new guy.

A Change For the Better

Why do you think people would vote for him again? I know many people will not vote for him again. Here is an internet story and it may or may not be true: Business had fallen off in this man’s company, since the election and expenses had gone up, being a good manager he decided he had to cut expenses, but he had all good loyal employees, he had to lay off sixty people. To decide who to layoff he walked through the employee’s parking lot and picked out the people to fire.

How did he do it? How would you do it? He wrote down the license numbers of 60 cars with Obama bumper stickers, and those are the people he laid off. It was Obama’s policies and programs that caused him to lose business and have higher expenses.

How do people vote and why do they vote the way they do. Some voted for a change just because they could, some honestly thought the former president did not do a good job. I think all things considered he did the best he could do. Others voted for him because he was a black man whether he did good or not he was of their race. He preached change and everyone thought he meant for the better.

Now the people have a chance to correct their mistake and get a new man, but with experience, he has been a Governor, he has a multimillion dollar company and done many things in the business world. This is a man that we want, he has made good business decisions, and he believes in God.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Oct 2012 (#)

What a fool to blame Obama, these problems did not develop overnight, it took years, clearly Bush's war on terror cost the country billions of dollars and billions of jobs. I am not saying Obama is perfect but the business man who laid off the employees with the Obama bumper stickers should have taken a pay cut himself years ago and perhaps his business would have survived.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
17th Oct 2012 (#)

ok all kinds of answers to this one, but if you feel that Obama is not to blame for his share of it you are wrong. He , I feel could have handled things diffewrently.

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author avatar vpaulose
16th Oct 2012 (#)

Interesting politics. Thank you dear Joseph.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
17th Oct 2012 (#)

thanks for your comment,
and yes it is intersting.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
17th Oct 2012 (#)

thanks for your commwent

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