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A short note of the experience I had when I lost a gift of certain amount given by my relatives to my kid.

Surprise Visit

It was the last couple of days of the vacation of Dusshera festival, which is celebrated in the month of October and kids enjoy their 10 days vacation after writing their Half yearly exams.
Even my kid had his share of celebration with his grandparents, maternal aunts and uncles.The last couple of days were to be remembered, especially by me.

Another thing I would like to share is that, this festival is celebrated not only to commemorate the victory of good over evil but also,its a celebration of toys.All the variety of toys and dolls are placed and people are invited to have a look at them.This is a strange way of celebration which I never understand but have been enjoying for years.

So, we all relatives,near and dear, thought to go to our cousin's in-laws place which is a distant village from our place.We hadn't gone there any time before and so it took us some time to have a clear idea of the route.It was a bit tedious as the road wasn't a Pacca one.We could some how reach there by car within a couple of hours though it had gone dark and we even had to get back to our place by night.
Everyone was surprised to see us as we had gone there in our cousin's absence and they hadn't had the slightest idea of our visit.They were really thrilled.

The festival of Toys

It was a village which didn't have proper roads,electricity or any development.But, people were 100 times better there with cheerful faces and satisfied living.
There were already some 15 to 20 people whom we had joined and it was a very large gathering.
They had the toys and dolls placed and it was so colourful and beautifully arranged.I still remember the toys made of wood and wax.These depict the Indian culture and heritage, honestly.
After it was time for us to get back to our place, all of them bid us good bye.The oldest of the relatives gave my kid a 1000 rupee note which he denied to take, but couldn't avoid as she put it in his shirt pocket, saying its out of affection that she was giving.
I didn't pay any attention on it as I was busy speaking to everyone, though I am not so reckless about such things.

What happened to the note

Later after coming back,I removed my kid's shirt as it was a new one and he had worn it only to go to the distant place, I dried it in the open air.
We were very tired and went to sleep soon after coming back as the next day morning it was time for us to get back to our places of work.
We started our journey by car again to travel a few 100 km and by late evening we were at home.My kid had worn the same shirt which I dried the previous night, all the day long in car.
The next day, it was time for schools and offices. So, after my kid had gone to school, I started washing all the clothes ...even the special shirt !

How could I get it back

I had washed the shirt in my machine,very well dried it and by evening I even got it ironed along with all other clothes.
After having dinner, while I and my husband were having a discussion about the tour,my husband suddenly asked about the 1000 rupees which was a gift to my kid.

I was so frightened about it actually, that afternoon as I had lost it literally !
It was not the money I cared for,but how responsible I was as a mother.My heart was thumping and I could hear my heartbeat ! I hadn't searched for it, as I never knew that it was lost!

Then why was I so frightened and what made me think about my responsibility ?JUST GO ON TO KNOW IT in my next article which is a continuation to this !


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