How Long Shall Life Survive on Earth

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Life on earth is also not permanent as it has to end one day and how long can life survive on earth is a million dollar question. People all around the world are very nervous reading out news from various sources about the present world coming to an end in few years. We all just hope that this news will prove wrong as nobody wants to leave this world so soon

Natural Disasters

One of the most worrying factors of today is of the natural disasters which is happening quite regularly around the world at different places. It is really very scary to know about the losses occurred in these disasters. There are things like these which are not in our hands or control and other times we feel like we are only responsible for some of the disasters as we are not taking care of some of the major issues or problems like DE-forestation, over population etc. People who are in position are neglecting these issues as they are interested only in themselves. Only when the matters go worse, these will be highlighted and then they will try to take some preventive measures. It is high time to realize all these and start attending some basic issues which does serious harm to mother nature before it is too late. Earlier we try to attend this issue, it is better or else the after effect might be worse and in most cases it might be unimaginable. We all should unite together in raising the issue and see that needed measures are taken. This is the responsibility of all of us living in this beautiful world. For now, government is only providing funds after these disasters occur to those who are effected and in fact, whole world is supporting the effected victims in such disasters and this is the only silver line we see when there are natural disasters occurring in any part of the world

World Economy Sliding Down

The economy of the whole world is seriously coming down though some countries are not showing much downside. This may be because of the fear within about the world ending stories as many big investors are little more than cautious these day's. It is really the difficult times now and as always we all just hope that we do get through these worry. The recent disasters like earthquake in Japan was very severe and it was really horrible to witness so much of loss and moreover there are still minor earthquakes happening in Japan as it is struggling to recover from that shock. During the disasters time, we all should unite in helping those who are effected instead of fighting over other unwanted issues as this is more important than anything else for sure. People who are in power all over the world has to create an awareness among people and should take initiatives in preventing or at least reducing the after effects of such disasters. There are many cases of politicians misusing even the funds collected during such disasters and this being a serious matter should not occur at any cost and if this occurs again , it is really bad for everyone living in this world. These authorities have to understand the situation and act accordingly and only then we can live happily till the world survives

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Feb 2015 (#)

As long as there are humans life on Earth slides down. Get rid of all the humans and life and Earth will live. There someone has given the idea of how to survive World War 3 when they are the bloody idiots starting it.

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Feb 2015 (#)

A good and interesting article. While there is little we can do about natural disasters we do need to come together as one people and stop being so selfish. Much could be done by a united humanity who are not fighting each other but working for the good of all. Blessings.

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author avatar sarosh
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Working together is good

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