How Severe Weather Is Affecting Our Lives

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We hear so much about extreme weather that it almost seems to be becoming the norm. However, what we should be asking is, what causes it, how does it affect us and what can we do about it?

Is Severe Weather The Norm?

If you haven’t noticed the extreme weather cropping up around the globe over the last few years you must have been living on the moon. It seems like never a day goes past without some kind of severe weather hitting not only some part of the world but international news headlines too. From Europes heatwave in 2003 and Russian heatwave in 2010, The East Africa drought in 2011, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and of course the continuing severe storms and flooding the UK is still experiencing at the time of writing, the weather appears to be taking over our lives and affecting us in a variety of different ways.

What Is Causing This Extreme Weather?

The climate is changing and scientific research shows that much of what is happening is caused by humans. Unfortunately this climate change, of which global warming for example is part of, is a significant threat to life on the planet and also a cause of the extreme weather we are experiencing. According to a report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change not only is it increasing the likelihood of more severe and frequent weather events but conditions are likely to get worse in the 21st Century! Gulp!

What Are The Predictions For The Future?

In the future it is predicted that UK temperatures will rise and summers will become hotter and winters less cold but wetter. Flash flooding will become more and more common, sea levels could rise by 40cm by the end of the century meaning more coastal erosion and flood risks and all this could have a massive effect on our health, environment and public services.

How Does Severe Weather Affect Us?

Of course, changes in temperature and severe weather affects species of birds, fish and land animals who either cannot adapt to the temperature changes or die or become severely ill when their natural habitats come under threat by storms, drought or floods. However, us humans are also affected by the weather and the recent and on going storms and floods in the UK are a perfect example of just how much.
These recent storms that have battered the south and west of the UK in particular have caused 7 people to die and 1700 homes in England to be flooded thus causing a huge pressure upon emergency services and energy providers. Insurance claims have gone through the roof with the AA receiving 1000 home insurance and 130 car claims as a result of the Christmas 2013 storms and the ombudsman will no doubt be up to the eyeballs with cases that involve bad weather claims.
Interestingly, despite damage to homes and businesses the total number of claims is 5% lower than 2012. This could well be down to the investment in flood defences made by the government over the last few years but the question remains, is it enough?
David King, the government’s climate change secretary has made it clear that money on flood defences need to double by 2020 because of global warming increasing the risk of more extreme weather. This is backed up by Professor David Balmforth of the Institution of Civil Engineers who said “"I don't think we've woken up to the increased threat of flooding in the future due to climate change…and therefore it's important that we do continue to invest in flood defences."
Fortunately, David Cameron has made it clear that more money will indeed be spent on flood defences with money coming not just from the government but from the private sector too.


So, it seems that the severe weather we are experiencing will not be dissipating, in fact could be on the increase due to climate change caused by our own fair hands. With pressure mounting on our emergency and energy services not to mention agriculture and business, are we doing enough to prepare for the future? If not, what can be done to safeguard our wildlife and communities against this very real threat? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion.

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9th Jan 2014 (#)

this is very good write important for people to know what is going on in the world around them instead of burying their heads in the putting it up on Twitter...

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10th Jan 2014 (#)

Thank you! That's really good of you to share on Twitter too. What is your Twitter handle? Be nice to connect ;)

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11th Jan 2014 (#)

Great article. It is awful how our weather has become more erratic and more destructive than ever.

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