How an illiterate person can become an expert writer, webmaster overnight in India

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How technology is being misused in India to reward lazy greedy frauds who do not do any work, and exploit hardworking civilians

Technology misused in India to reward lazy frauds

In the scam ridden indian internet sector, the dishonest cunning powerful top officials can make even an illiterate person an expert writer and webmaster online to get the illiterate person a permanent government job allegedly in India's external intelligence agency R&AW with salary and pension for the rest of their life. This top secret method devised by the dishonest cunning indian intelligence agencies allegedly with the support of Google, Tata, Paypal has been revealed so that these shameless scammers stop promoting the mediocre lazy cheaters Nayanshree hathwar, Siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, riddhi,veena, asmita patel, ruchika and others as writers, domain investors, online exporters and webmasters.

When they find a honest hardworking webmaster in India these shameless top officials in the indian internet sector are extremely vicious in defaming the webmaster without proof, spreading malicious rumors so that they can put the webmaster under surveillance for years and sexually harass her. NTRO, India's top technical intelligence agency(equivalent to NSA in US) has acquired expensive equipment which can be used to monitor the laptop of any person in India who these officials hate, falsely claiming national security concerns.

Then these shameless dishonest officials will falsely claim that all the work online or on the computer was being done by their lazy greedy cheater friends listed above and other women. So the goan call girls siddhi mandrekar and sunaina who have never managed a website, yet sleep with the sex starved top officials in the indian internet sector are being promoted as expert webmasters to get a salary and pension for the rest of their lives. In reality tax payer money is being paid to these women for sleeping with top officials in India. Others like veena, ruchika, asmita patel are also promoted in a similar manner.

Similarly the lazy greedy brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi are promoted as excellent writers to again get these fraud women a salary and pension for the rest of their lives, when these mediocre cheater women do not write any content online and actually have poor English writing skills. If the real content provider will protest against being defamed and exploited, the cunning fraud officials promoting these cheater women will falsely claim that the content provider has an ailment and deny the fundamental rights to the hardworking civilian

These extremely powerful officials hate the hardworking webmaster out of jealousy and casteism, and want to destroy her professionally and financially. So they falsely spread rumors that their lazy greedy cheater friends are doing all the work online, when these women do not do anything at all to give them great powers, a salary and pension. At the same time these cunning dishonest men will defame the webmaster that she is not doing anything to justify harassing her and denying her fundamental right.

As the officials are very powerful and shameless, most people believe their complete lies, though the webmaster and exporter being ruthlessly exploited can easily expose their great fraud if given an opportunity to do so.


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