How fast is your mobile Internet

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How fast do you actually surf over the wireless network? With the free app "4Gmark / PC WORLD network test" you find out.

How fast is your mobile Internet

The Carrier throw-speed superlatives all over the place. Up to 150 MBit / s should be possible with LTE - and up to 42 Mbit / s with UMTS / HSDPA. But how fast you actually surf? To answer this question, you could have to course make a x-any speed test. Alternatively, you can use the app "4Gmark / PC WORLD network test" for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which is available in the app stores and free.

Specializing in mobile speed test

It has developed the app our partners Agence3PP. This is dedicated to mobile speed tests and in his native France, known to be exceptionally accurate to measure and evaluate. That even draw the great French operators on the measurement data of Agence3PP to optimize their networks, speaks for itself. Now wants 4Gmark along with PC World and also takes you to the German mobile networks under the microscope.

Test results based on PC World Net Monitor

After all, the app shows not only the user at his current Internet speed - the measurement results of all users serve as the basis for the PC World Net Monitor under It provides you with transparent insight into how it is with the data network quality of German mobile networks - nationwide averaged or on a map on the square kilometer accurate. The more users perform speed tests with the app, the more accurate the results of the network monitor. Before we discuss it, we dedicate ourselves once the app that you run the speed test.

"Speed Test": The 20-second check

After the launch of "4Gmark / PC World Network Test" (hereinafter all referred 4Gmark) welcomes the app with four choices. The first option is concise "Speed Test" and does exactly what its name suggests: it leads a short speed or throughput test, data from the Web and then uploaded every 10 seconds at the. For this purpose, a test server is selected automatically, which is located as close as possible to their current location.

Following 4Gmark present the results. The segment display by default displays at the top of the measured download speed. Directly below appear all three readings at a glance: The response time of the contacted via the HTTP protocol measurement server, the download and upload speed.

To determine the Http response time, three times the measure how long it takes to connect to a specific server. Only the best value is taken into account. It is, however, not totally comparable to the "Ping" time, which is determined by many other speed tests, because the "Ping" measurement uses a different protocol.

In the middle of, the result's page is followed by a classification of the measured download bandwidth. You know the one, how much is the average bit rate in your country - depending on the used for the test access (WLAN, 2G, 3G / UMTS and 4G / LTE), but regardless of network used? Right next to your result is assessed using a bar graph at a national level. In the second line, you see how high the average access speed of your current location. Right next to it is, how high the average throughput is reached that another user with the same device.

"Full Test": I Reviewed the "network / service quality"

The second, more accurate measurement method is the "Full Test" is available. He first leads indeed the same throughput test like the speed test. Following the app checks but still, how quickly be retrieved through mobile connection's ordinary web pages. Because Web pages are usually dozens of individual elements - from the HTML page description file via script, a number of different-sized images, CSS layout information, and so on.

The test loads consecutively selected, different complex web pages in an embedded web browser, the temporary space was previously deleted. It measures. How long does each web page until it is fully charged. If this is not done within 60 seconds, the charging stops and goes to the "crash rate" field.

Another component of the "Full Test" is the "Youtube" test. In this case, a 30-second video from Youtube is called - depending on the mobile Internet connection with another resolution, and thus in a different bit rate. Here, too, is measured, the time it takes until the video has fully loaded into the cache and if the charge is stalled in between ("rebuffering"). In this test, the timeout is 45 seconds.

Based on the results of web browsing and youtube tests of PC World Net Monitor assesses the "network / service quality" of the genutzen mobile network.

After running through all the tests 4Gmark forms a point value. Go up two-thirds of average download and a third of the average upload rate of data throughput test. Weighting of the result which is reported by web browsing and youtube test quality service is used. The advantage of the point value is that it can be compared different devices, wireless networks and places.

On the result's page, you can see the points value at the top of the segment display. 4Gmark below shows the results of the individual tests. In the middle of the page as in the short-speed test is performed to classify the result.

Data volume consumption of speed test and full test

In the implementation of speed tests, you should have to course keep in mind that these consume a lot of data volume. The precise amount will depend on the speed with which you are connected. Here the mean values:

* Speed Test UMTS / HSDPA: approximately 7 MB
* Full tests UMTS / HSDPA: about 10 MB
* Speed Test LTE: about 47 MB
* Full Test LTE: about 60 MB

These data are included in the PC World Net Monitor

After successful completion of a test, the app transfers the measured values to the database of 4Gmark developer Agence3PP to France. To classify the values following additional information will be sent along: the user's location, connection type, network / provider, wireless cell ID, signal strength during the test, information about the device used, a self-generated device identifier (iOS and Windows Phone), IMEI (Android) and the current IP address.

All valid tests that were performed on a German mobile network, in which the location could be found and where it came during the measurements no switching between 2G, 3G and 4G, respectively following one for 90 days in the PC World Net Monitor. Exact You can find more information in the article "How fast surfing Germany mobile."

PC World Network Test and Power Monitor: Make your contribution

Thus, the network monitor reflects as closely as possible to reality. It is as hereinbefore mentioned briefly important that as many users most frequently performed in as many place's measurements with 4Gmark - over the mobile network. Should they be connected via wireless, separate them contact before starting the test? The easiest way is by temporarily turning off the wireless function on your device.

If you like 4Gmark, you can also make a valuable contribution by recommending the app. As I said, the more users perform speed tests, the more accurate the PC World Net Monitor. And benefit everyone - even you!

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