How not to create a Million jobs Hudak threatens 100,000 Public Sector Jobs

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Ontario Progressive Conservative leader is making a big play over his 1 million jobs campaign, yet given how badly Ontario has been hit by the current recession how viable is this jobs plan? Why is his first action to attack 100,000 public sector jobs? It is important to understand the challenge faced by Ontario in the 2014 provincial election.

Job Cuts

If you look at the Ontario Progressive Conservative leader's Twitter page you will see a pledge to create a million "real" jobs, yet almost his first action in the Ontario provincial election was to promise to cut 100,000 civil service staff jobs; hardly the actions of a would be job creator.

The truth is that Mr Hudak belongs to the party of the capitalist class, the very people who can actually create jobs if they desire to, irrespective of the party in power which could lead us to two possible conclusions about his jobs plan, either the capitalist class are holding Ontario to ransom awaiting the selection of a Conservative government before acting or they are simply disinterested in any form of job creation and that Mr Hudak's plan has no real backing by the capitalist class. Indeed the truth is the capitalist class are incapable of offering any viable future for Ontario at the present time.

The promise to slash 100,000 public sector jobs and cutting spending across the board and the promise to transition these jobs into the private sector is frankly unbelievable this will leave the poorest and most vulnerable people at risk with private sector jobs being given at minimum wage with little job security. Indeed it will do little to relieve poverty across the province, indeed Hudak's birthplace, Fort Erie remains one of the most economically depressed towns in Canada.

"Real" Jobs

Mary, from Niagara Falls is interested in a real job, she has been working for the same company for 26 years, or more correctly 26 seasons, because every year towards the end of September she is laid off only to be employed again just before Easter the following year. She has no benefits because she is treated as a casual worker, truth is no person should be considered as casual after 26 years with the same company. To Mary having a real job would mean she wouldn't be laid off each winter, it would mean she would have health benefits it would mean she could buy Christmas gifts for her family.

Building real jobs empowers young people to join the job market it also provides a way for long term unemployed to either have their skills upgraded or be re-trained or go to college to allow them to re-enter the job market at a later time and once again play an active role in society, but this requires investment in real people, something the Conservatives have little record of doing. Real jobs provide a long term future for the workers and offer good rates of pay involving many different skills and technical competencies they build on the technical excellence this province was founded on.

Cutting corporate taxation rates by 3 percentage points will not create a single extra job, it simply rewards the owners and shareholders who will adjust their bonuses. Hudak's intent is that the impact will trickle down and corporations will use this extra money to purchase machinery and employ extra staff, yet for the majority of corporations this will have no such impact it is more likely to boost executive pay rather than bring new jobs. Indeed this policy is the regurgitation of a failed Thatcherist/Reaganist policies to the modern era, but there is no proof that tax cuts for the top 3 percent will help the rest of society, indeed the Thatcher and Reagan eras were in totally different economic circumstances, a go-ahead economy rather than one of recession as we are experiencing today.

The province's Liberal government has already been through the path of lowering corporate taxation and that saw no improvement in job prospects across the province.

Yet in truth Andrea Horwarth's plan to give tax credits based on actual job creation is in reality unlikely to provide a major impetus to employment in the province either.

Right to Work

Tim Hudak is reversing his prior stance on right-to-work legislation, it is clear that he is following the lead of Wisconsin's Republican Governor Scott Walker which is to cut public sector wages wherever possible, freeze salaries and privatize as many public services as possible. Little wonder the unions in the province are organizing to defeat Hudak and his party at the Ontario Elections in June 2014, take a look at the video:

In addition to the proposed job cuts, Hudak called for an across-the-board wage freeze for all government workers, the reduction of spending in every area of government except health care and "better service through competition" — which usually means privatization of services at every level, meaning no public sector job is safe. There are already several thousand public sector jobs that have been frozen by the prior Liberal regime in the name of a balanced budget. There will be no right to work under either a Hudak regime or a continuation of Liberal policies because both focus on cutting costs rather that tackling unemployment.

We need to get youth into apprenticeships, into college, and into university in order to prepare them to face the challenges of the future, to build the skills the Ontario workforce has, but this is only a part of the problem, there needs to be investment in order to bring jobs to the province.

Low Wage Agenda

At a time of crisis the only reaction by the capitalist class is to cut costs and lower wages and nowhere is this more effectively demonstrated that in respect of public sector workforce. Take a look at employment conditions in Canada Post where the workers that have joined most recently are forced to accept reduced terms, conditions and benefits as a part of their employment contract when compared to those who have been working for the organization for more than 10 years, one example of Conservative policies in action and we can expect more of the same in Ontario.

Jobs which are available at minimum wage can never be real jobs because they leave hundreds of thousands in poverty conditions with working people having to work the equivalent of 7, 8 or 9 days a week in order to survive and the capitalist class has very little inclination to create anything but minimum wage jobs in the current economic climate.

Need for True Democracy

For further perspectives take a look at my recent pamphlet "The Growth of Global Capitalism, Imperialism and Need for True Democracy"


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author avatar Ptrikha
19th May 2014 (#)

It is a grim situation.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
23rd May 2014 (#)

Valid points as usual. Thanks.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
23rd May 2014 (#)

Our government wants a one world, and all this that your posting is just keeping us up on what is going on, thank you. But as I see it if were not working and doing all the things that need to be done, the government will get it way. The Georgia archives has pointed out how the government wants it to be one world, and only 5 million on the planet, The new world is coming, and we can't really do anything, but make things right with god, and go to heaven. This world will perish. I do like your points. Good read.

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author avatar snerfu
15th Jun 2014 (#)

Having a good job certainly helps everyone. Good article Mr Peterson.

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author avatar Grant Peterson
15th Jun 2014 (#)

Given that the election gave a resounding rejection to Tim Hudak's view I feel this viewpoint made a positive contribution.

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author avatar writershirley lopez
20th Jun 2014 (#)

Very good article thank you for the input

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