How to Properly Exercise to Lose Weight?

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There are some people who are addicted to exercise, and others who are fanatics. In fact, there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, as long as they eat reasonably and exhaust their bodies. But this intolerance could be a cause of concern, they spend their time in an attempt to decrease their weight and return to it again. Their suffering has been compounded by not eating enough or not eating at all.

How to Properly Exercise to Lose Weight?

So what is the perfect balance between exercise and eat?

1. Find a healthy balance:

Yes, you need to reduce the calorie intake and exercise on your intense level if you want to lose weight, but you must achieve a perfect balance between Monday if you want to stay in good health. If you're looking for advice on eating, exercise and knowledge of how to draw the line separating them, here is what you need to know.

2. What about exercise on an empty stomach:

An exercise in the early morning of the best times during the day, even if you are exercised by the catching, because your body has energy reserves for a period of time. But this does not apply to persons living with diabetes or other diseases such as high blood pressure or irregular blood sugar level. But it would be inexpedient to starve yourself 6 or 7 hours and then another exercise today, because the body at that time would not have enough power to use your muscles are forced timely exercise, this is not a good thing because the MUSCLES help to enhance the metabolism and assist in weight loss faster.

3. The sport needs more protein:

When you want to build muscle, you need more protein in your diet. Certainly need to eat well. Strength Training takes a lot of energy, food needs to provide this energy. Persons who wish to BODYBUILDING eat many meals spaced throughout the day, with a focus on foods as a little fat, protein and complex carbohydrates to enhance their energy sources.

4. What about starving yourself?

You must eat the number of calories required during the day. If you are starving yourself, your body time to preserve the remaining fat in the body as a deposit guarantee for times of need, that is, when the access to food. The human body surprisingly, it has enough flexibility to adapt itself to any position in a period of time, therefore, is the same as when prohibiting yourself of food for long periods of time. This is why you do not lose weight when you starve yourself. In addition, Famine reflects underlying or very precise quantities of food could not hold him for a long time, and back then surrenders. This does not lead to weight loss.

5. Finally, what about Breakfast?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You should eat a healthy breakfast If you are serious about losing weight. A good meal at the beginning of each day and provide you with the necessary energy for a full day. It helps in the metabolism, complicates dining unhealthy between meals. If we neglect breakfast detoxifying will remain free from food about 12 hours, it will then eat anything until the food. In addition, if you keep on this long, body begins to store fat for use in time of need.


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author avatar Vicky Pino
4th May 2018 (#)

Well, I've read your article in full, but I don't agree with it much. Let me explain it. I've always said and wrote about that to be healthy and in good form, we only need to eat well our three square meals a day -breakfasta, lunch and dinner. We may treat ourselves to something such an ice cream or a piece of cake on some occasions, but we don't need a lot more except our three square meals a day, although, there're many people that can't afford this, because they're most probably unemployed or having to rely on soup kitchen, but for those like myself that can still afford our healthy three meals a day, it's all what what we need to be in good form. Excercise? Who's to deny that it's necessary? But we don't have to be caught in the trap of trende gyms that cost a lot for many people, because they are mere businesses. A two hour brisk walk is what we need and an excursion to the countryside once in a while and that's free or almost! On the other hand, I do think that many people are obssesed with losing waight when in fact they don't need to lose any waight. All of this it's prompted by the slimming business (Media, magazines and the like)
Thanks for having read my articles. I'll do the same too. I like comments on them whether on agreement or not, because a critical comment can be acepted if it's done politely.

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author avatar Vicky Pino
4th May 2018 (#)

There 're some typo erros on the comment. I always type fister than I can!

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