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Contrary to the expectation of parents and teachers, a  lot of students do not get the mark they deserve because they do not study properly, regularly and systematically.


Contrary to the expectation of parents and teachers, a  lot of students do not get the mark they deserve because they do not study properly, regularly and systematically. Many students do not make a sincere effort to try. Many talented students simply give up without making a genuine attempt. Many students do not use their talents properly.  All students are free to study in their own way.  But still, some methods will certainly enhance their performance. With the application of the right strategy, with less strain, all students can certainly improve their performance and score better marks.

Dogs, dolphins, and elephants learn a hundred commands through repetition, by repeating the same thing again and again. The best way to remember things is to write the important points and repeat them again and again.  You do not need sophisticated techniques or concepts to remember things.  Whenever you have free time go through the points, go through the flash card again and again. Write and repeat.  You cannot learn driving, swimming or mathematics by watching. Just do it. Learn by doing it.

Micro Scanning

In this method, you split the text into small segments or micro units. You change each sentence, paragraph, and lesson into one question. Then you find the answer and write the answer in a notebook. In microscanning, you omit,  dump or reject any sentence or paragraph which is unimportant, quickly and boldly.  You write down the important points and repeat. You may write a summary of the lesson.  You can have a microsummary or macro summary, just a skeleton of important points or you may add some important details. You omit what is unimportant or very difficult to remember. You remember each question and write the answer. Write at least one test every day. You yourself can set the question and do the evaluation. You may take the questions from past exam. The easiest way to remember is to write and repeat. Read and write, write and read. Then you may recall, remember or review what you have written down.

Never Postpone

Never postpone your studies.  If you postpone, your study will become a disaster.  You will sink like the Titanic.  The postponement is like the Bermuda triangle in which the strongest ships and planes disappear without a trace.  If you postpone your studies now, you will postpone every day and you are doomed.  If someone says that he studied only on the eve of examination and got 90 % marks, it may not be the truth.

Just do it. Just start your studies right now, without a split second delay. Well begun is half done. The greatest mistake is not starting the work. The next weakness is not completing something.

The biggest challenge to study is the postponement. Oh! Now I do not have the right mood. I will do it later. I will do it tomorrow.  Never postpone studies or assignments.  Just start your studies right now. Now is the best time to study. If you have assignments or projects to complete, do not wait for the last moment. If the submission date is tomorrow, you should not start on the eve of submission.  Start collecting data, information, and concepts on the first day itself. Do it sportively, as a challenge.  You should compete to complete it first.  If you start early, you can get a lot of time to complete the work nicely and to relax. When others are struggling to complete, you have already completed it.  Well begun is half done. The right policy is just do it now. Just start right now.

Study every day. You may have a regular time and place for your study. You should have a study plan and stick to it. You may fix your study plan on the wall. You may use a timer to remind you of your study time.

Just Do It

I am not perfect. You are not perfect. Only God is perfect. Nobody can do things in a perfect manner. You can try for 99% perfection. You should not put off homework or assignment thinking that it can be done better, later. Again I remind you to start right now. Just leap into swift and speedy action right now. You can work relentlessly, meticulously and conscientiously to improve your project.

In the cinema, dupes can be used, when dangerous scenes are shot. The heroes and heroines can spare the strain, pain, and risk. But in studies, you have to do it yourself. For eating, breathing and for writing the examination, we can never use another person for our work.

One great person said, “If I don’t do it who will do it? If I do not do it now, when will I do it ?” You are challenged to do it right now. Your policy must study now, rest tomorrow. Your parents, teachers or friends cannot write an examination for you.  If anybody else is used for writing the examination, it is a crime. Buddha said: People make two mistakes. The first mistake is not to start. The second mistake is not to complete it. Never give up, until you succeed.


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