How to take care of your car for the winter season?

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Preparing your car for the winter season is very important to drive safely during winter. Taking care of your car in advance will prevent accidents and save lives.

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Winter Car Care - Preparing your car for the winter season

Make sure your car is in good condition by servicing your car and checking to see if everything in the car is working properly.

Replace the tires if they are worn out. Tires with good tread have a better grip. Snow tires are a great option for driving on snowed in roads.

Change to snow tires especially if your car is a rear wheel drive car. A rear wheel drive car does not have much pressure at the back of the car and hence all the more chances of the car skidding.

Change the carpet floor mat to a rubber mat because the nice carpet mat is going to get messy with all the mud and snow. Another reason to change the mat into a rubber mat is that the the rubber mat is easier to clean.

Remember to replace the carbon air filter to prevent dust particles from entering the

Wax the car to prevent any damage from the snow, rain and mud. This will keep the car paint brand new and prevent any chipping.

Make sure you carry an emergency kit at all times in your car.

Taking care of the car battery

Make sure the car battery is okay. If the car battery is more than two years take it to a car mechanic and check if the charging system is working properly. Your car will not start running smoothly without a good battery or your car might just not start at all.

Taking care of the wind shield

Replace the windshield wiper if it is not working properly. You will need the wind shield wiper to keep the front glass clear. Check to see if the windshield washer fluid is filled up to the mark. Do not fill with water, if you do, it will freeze.

Apply a repellent on the windshield and the windows so that the splashes from the muddy snow do not stick and ruin the car paint. There are anti-fogging repellents to keep the windows and the windshield wipers free from clouding and blurring vision.

Car antifreeze check

The antifreeze keeps the radiator running smoothly. The antifreeze is a mixture of 50 parts of water and 50 parts of antifreeze. Make sure that the level of the antifreeze is up till the mark.

Remember to make sure that the antifreeze is in the right mix proportion. You can check this with a antifreeze tester or take it to a service station and have it checked.

Taking care of the car lights & Brakes

Check to see if all your car lights are working properly. If the glass is cracked make sure to replace them. Check if both the front and the tail lights are working properly also check to see if the hazard flashers and turn signals are working properly.

Remember to check whether the brakes are working properly.

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