Human rights abuses force some users to keep mobiles switched off in India

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How daily human rights abuses force some innocent harmless users to keep mobiles switched off in India.

Mobile phones used to track harmless civilians to commit human rights abuses

When people started using mobile phones, they were considered a very useful utility, yet increasingly some mobile phone users in India are forced to keep the mobile phone switch off to prevent damage to their health. In India brilliant harmless engineers, webmasters and domain investors are often subjected to the most terrible human rights abuses using invisible directed energy weapons out of hatred, greed, casteism or and at the instigation of large corporates to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. One of the most common methods used by the officials commiting human rights abuses is to track their harmless victim using his or her mobile phone, especially when it will be switched on .

Mobile networks can help trace the location of an individual carrying a particular mobile phone very accurately using the SIM card data. A single attack on the harmless woman using the invisible directed energy weapons, will not only cause great pain, memory loss, it can cripple the person for the entire day, making it difficult to think clearly. The cruel cowardly officials attacking the harmless civilian remain invisible and unpunished, appealing to the human rights commission of India and other media outlets has not helped the harmless civilian being attacked daily causing great pain.

So when a person who has been repeatedly attacked using the directed energy weapons, knows that he or she is likely to be attacked, especially when outside his or her home using the mobile phone to track his or her exact location, it will always be advisable to keep the mobile switched off. Though they may miss some phone calls, smses, yet the pain and memory loss they will also avoid keeping the mobile switch off, will often compensate for the inconvenience

No person in India would allow a stranger to assault her physically daily to cause pain out of hatred and greed. Then why should a mobile user keep his or her mobile switched on, to make it easier for cruel officials, who hate her, to track and attack her using the sophisticated directed energy weapons, while remaining anonymous. A decade ago, people managed without mobile phones, why should a person keep the mobile phone on, so that her enemies, cruel cheater officials who remain invisible, can cause great pain daily, destroy her memory and leave her crippled for upto 72 hours.


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