Hunger in the United States of America! It Is True.

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People of different countries have such notion that there is no food problem in America. This kind of notion is not correct. Hunger is very much present in the most developed country of the world.

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Hunger in the United States of America! It Is True.
brotee mukhopadhyay

Is it true that America is the destination of the fortune-seekers even in 2010?
It is true.
Is it true that America is the greatest of the industrially developed countries of the world?
It is true.
Is it true that America is the best of the countries in the world thanks to its infinite natural resources and to its intelligent and hard-working people?
It is true.
Is it true that millions in America are victims of hunger even in 2010?
Is it true? How can it be? It may be so, but …
Yes, it is true. Let us move to the point.

If you visit any of the metropolitan towns in America you will come across homeless people. You will find beggars holding posters in their hands and seeking assistance. You will find long line of hungry faces in front of some of the churches which have provisions to feed a few people once in a week. This is not all. One may view some horrible spectacles of hunger even at the grocery of a supermarket in San Francisco’s Mission District when a woman may let everyone know that she has lost her job and that she is no more in a position to provide food for her kids. Children from the poor districts of Florida go to schools hungry.

Crisis of the American hungry people has reached to such a grave state that twenty percent of the Americans are said to have spent days without any food sometimes in 2009. A family from the teaching community has no money to secure food and the family has passed through such horrible experiences fourteen times in 2009. What measures have they taken to combat hunger? Fasting. Fasting only? They have not allowed the kids to go without food and in order to ensure this they have taken recourse to fasting alternately. On several occasions and on different public events this set of husband and wife has gathered food selectively from the leftovers. Yes, they have left open confession.

This is of course not an example of exaggeration. The national press reports that there are 1 million children in the United States of America who do not get their ‘daily bread’. Statistics provided by The Washington Post is simply horrible and hard to consume: In 2009 America has had 49 million hungry people of which 19 million were kids. Food Research and Action Center or FRAC has submitted a terrifying report which states that 20 percent of the American people lived without any food ‘at any point in 2009’.

We are learning from different media that there are signs of recovery from recession. But unemployment rate at 10 percent and sky-rocketing market prices have made the situation worse.


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