Hypnotherapy Helps Heal psychosomatic

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In healthy physical condition, symptoms often appear to make the body uncomfortable. For example, leg pain, head feels dizzy, or nauseated.

The range of symptoms makes the body more uncomfortable if the cause is unknown

If this happens to you , it could be that you 're experiencing psychosomatic conditions , the disruption of the body caused by psychological conditions . If pre-existing illnesses and emotional disturbances worsened , the state 's so-called psychosomatic diseases .
" About 90 percent of disease is caused psychogenic factors , not organic . So to say , the state dominates the psychological condition of the body , " said technology expert mind , Adi W Gunawan quotes from The American College of Family Physicians . It is stated at the media workshop titled , Navigating the Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy , in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 13.11.13 ) .
There are at least 15 emotions cause psychosomatic illness such as memory , self conflict , punishing themselves , past or present unresolved trauma self-esteem , and four types of negative emotions .
Which includes negative emotions including shame , guilt , anger , and fear . Include irritated anger , hate , resentment , frustration , hurt , and offended . Shame , according to Adi , is destructive emotions cause psychosomatic illness is greatest. Shame can also ignite three other emotions .
So, how emotions can lead to psychosomatic ?

" Emotions can be likened to fire from a variety of experiences , which is burning furnace full of water . Supposedly heating water vapor can exit . However this is not the case on the furnace closed , " said Adi .
Adi explains this parable . At a closed furnace , water vapor can not come out perfect . Consequently restrained and steam can cause the furnace broke due to overheating . The same thing happens to hold her emotions and can not be removed . This condition is dangerous because it can lead to sufferers commit suicide .
" The existence of psychosomatic symptoms actually better than when no symptoms whatsoever . Given the symptoms , the disease is known faster and hypnotherapy can be done , " said Adi .

Hypnotherapy allows therapists to dig her past experience to determine the cause of psychosomatic . Even so , psychosomatic healing is not merely dependent on the therapist . The settlement requires the cooperation and willingness of clients , mainly to allow the therapist to open his past in a very deep state of relaxation called somnambulis . Clients should lead technician to when psychosomatic symptoms occur . The next client will listen referral technicians , to complete what is happening before the psychosomatic symptoms appear .
According to Adi , hypnotherapy has the highest percentage of recovery than psychoanalysis and behavior therapy . Hypnotherapy has a recovery percentage of 93 percent after six sessions of therapy . This figure is higher than psychoanalysis by 38 percent of the 600 sessions of therapy , and behavioral therapy by 72 percent of the 22 therapy sessions .
Nevertheless Adi reminded , hypnotherapy is a complement or complementary therapy . The main therapy remains the only medical doctors could do , through examination and prescription medication . Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy to cure patients achieved completely .


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