ISIS, Al Qaeda / Al Nusra and the Psychoville Empire

Ian R Thorpe By Ian R Thorpe, 12th Oct 2015 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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A rather sarcastic look at how the Washington / London / Paris / Brussels narrative justifying continued support for Al Qaeda / Al Nusra 'moderate' extremists in Syria is unravelling in the wake of Russia's intervention in support of their ally, the Assad regime.

State Department Super Hero Syndrome

The USA has been locked into a Superhero Comic cult in its foreign policy for too many years. Even now, with a worse and more humiliating defeat than Vietnam staring them in the face, the political leaders of both US mainstream political parties are trying to re-inflate the speech bubbles of a Superman In Syria narrative. Using the transparently false claim that Russian strike aircraft are bombing moderate rebels in the hope of diverting attention from the fact that the Russian military have achieved more towards reversing the progress of Islamic State in two weeks than the US and its British and French allies the FUKUS axis) achieved in two years, Washington can only cling to the forlorn hope that few citizens of the developed nations will be smart enough to realise the term 'moderate rebels' actually refers to “Al Qaeda and Al Nusra”. Thus it is an admission the USA has been supporting an extremist group that until recently Washington routinely described as the epitome of all that is evil.

It was not simply a case of working with terror groups, but also defending them vehemently. Watching US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter making thinly veiled threats of nuclear retribution to another nuclear power because that power attacked US sponsored terrorists, it’s hard to understand that he is taking this line in protest at Russia's bombing of the alleged perpetrators of the 9/11 outrage.

Corporate controlled mainstream media dutifully parrots this narrative, but even repetition ad nauseum cannot make the big lie become truth this time. The Ministry Of Truth revised version of history, not matter how it is spun, still looks and smells like bullshit. Once told however, the lie must be be maintained, even though it is increasingly obvious no one believes it. The alternative, that the guys in white hats work for the dark side, The Lone Ranger is Darth Vader's even more evil twin, that Superman was never anything but Lex Luthor's Facebook alter ego, is impossible to contemplate to people who have lived a lifetime in the belief that 'we' (the west) are the enlightened ones.

The disintegration of the "we’re the good guys, that's why we're bombing the bad guys" myth being promoted by Washington, London, Paris and Brussels completely unravels when viewed against the backdrop of what is really happening in Syria, and opens up a whole container load of Pandora's Boxes that take us beyond the current scenario. Was Washington funding Al Qaeda before 9/11 and collaborating with the Wahabi supremacist group even while President Bush was declaring them the enemies of peace? Is this the only false narrative currently playing on rolling 'news'? How fuzzy is the line between real news and manipulation of public opinion. How many deaths of non combatants are acceptable in a stage managed war with manufactured enemies who fire real bullets and plant real bombs? How many of the outrages of Assad in Syria, Gadaffi in Libya, the Houthi in Yemen, the pro - Moscow separatists in Ukraine and al Qaeda everywhere have actually been false flag events. How much of our world view is formed of fabricated, manipulated, misrepresented fiction composed to serve the ruling elite's lust for ever greater control?

The Invisible Caliphate

Where in the geo - political firmament does the decidedly insubstantial Islamic Caliphate stand? That multi-million dollar oil-exporting and slave trading medieval ideological theocratic state has $2 billion dollars in bank accounts the CIA can analyse but not shut down, a convoy of oil trucks 2 km long the US air force cannot or more likely does not want to bomb. ISIS with the professional media department that turns out high quality, professional, recruitment videos and cringemakingly amateurish videos of allegedly real violence so brutal and comically unrealistic they make a George A Romero schlock - horror movie look like a National Geographic documentary. ISIS, the designer terrorists, with their brand-saturation logo, and their endless stream of slick sick promotional pix of idiots wearing headscarves (to conceal their all - American looks, courtesy of the extras agency?), driving through the desert in their Toyota product placement department pick up trucks. ISIS, the made in Hollywood, conceived in Madison Avenue hipster terrorist group, who have time to Photoshop their studio posed group shots against actual battle scenes.

That ISIS / ISIL / Islamic State / Al Qaeda / Al Nusra or whatever name they are using this week , were conceived and created by Public Relations Consultants working for the CIA or a similsar agency, as designer fear mongering seems beyond doubt. There can be no other explanation for how they appeared from nowhere, or for their skills as media-manipulators (these are supposed to be semi literate religious fanatics from low tech societies remember, or the lack of response from the west (although we know the FUKUS axis was always more interested in taking down Assad than in preserving the lives and livelihoods of millions of Syrian and Iraqi citizens.

A lot of the masked, gun waving guys in the ubiquitous ISIS triumphalism pics probably never did anything more violent than wave a black flag or hold an AK47 above their head. But some of them apparently did a lot more than that. They tortured people and killed people, mostly women and children.

Where was the line drawn? Where did agitprop showtime become trigger happy crazies firing real bullets and making snuff movies starring western journalists and charity workers? Did their Washington and Wall Street supporters who supplied the Toyota pick ups trucks also get to approve the burning cages, those decapitation movies (with pocket knives and prosthetic heads apparently but still disturbing?) Did the people who profit from war and seek control through fear know what they were doing? Did they care?

As Dr. Frankenstein discovered, creating a monster is comparatively easy, controlling it is a different thing altogether.

How profoundly sick is the psycho-psy-op of US Middle East "policy"?


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Born Manchester UK, 1948. varied early career from clerk via construction site worker and street trader to I T consultant. Performance poet, broadcaster, fiction writer and essayist on many topics.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
12th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
13th Oct 2015 (#)

Hi Fern, I haven't written political stuff here before because my thinking is very much out of line with either of the mainstreams, but after reading of moves against free speech and criticism of the establishment on the web I felt I had to spread opposition where I could. Ironically I find myself praising Putin for defending free speech in the west, while he is quite happy to suppress the civil liberties of his own citizens.

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author avatar Retired
13th Oct 2015 (#)

Ian, this is more than brilliant: your insight into the crap lines that are being spun in the media of the West shows that it no longer is fooling anyone. Whomever the war mongers are, their turn will come and the rest of the world will finally breathe a sign of relief.

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
13th Oct 2015 (#)

Thanks Chris, I've been aware for a long time of moves to control news and manipulate perceptions and being retired I have no career or professional reputation to protect so I can go for it.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Oct 2015 (#)

What motivates the actions will decide the final outcome. It is more like if one cannot convince, then the only way is to confuse. That is what is happening now and for a while. I really can only imagine who calls the shots - siva

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author avatar Ian R Thorpe
13th Oct 2015 (#)

That's absolutely right, if we look at history many wars have been won because the victors, though heavily outnumbered and facing wealthier and better equipped opponents, were fighting fot their homeland and their way of life.

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