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ISIS is a terrorist group controlled by those who want control of the oil wells and human kind. Oil is the "Black Death" of modern society but can be cured by the use of other means such as nuclear power, windmills, etc. We need to stop closing our eyes and wake up before we find ourselves in the middle of another World War. We are afraid of the Apocalypse but yet we dance with it and let it conquer us. Our fears will take place unless we return to our own Christian beliefs and act now.

ISIS Goddess of Life and Fertility

Isis is known as the Egyptian Goddess of life, fertility, and motherhood. She is also known as the Goddess of death and destruction. All earth is based on life and death. We must be born and enjoy life for a while and then we shall die. There is a continuous rebirth that is why we are able to maintain life. There is also a continuous death which helps to equalize things in nature. ISIS Goddess of life and death was the Egyptians way of teaching us the universal way of peacefully living and dying as part of nature. Today we have already destroyed our eco system causing floods, fires, and storms. Will we now let a terrorist group join in for our final destruction.

ISIS Terrorists Defames the Name

Today the name ISIS has left everyone with fear in their hearts and a hatred because of the militant group who calls themselves by the name. The ideal mother and wife giver of life has now become the father of violence, war, extremism. The fact that many innocents are being killed for no apparent reason and that terror is now crossing the Middle East has many people worried. The claim is that the group wants control of the oil. The feeling that when the Islamist group gains control of the oil fields all this will end is really a rouge. Not only will the soaring oil prices be the end of the market as we know it today destroying the world economy but the group’s ability to conquer can lead way to the conquering of our society.

Black Death Known as Oil

Oil will be the cry that will destroy us all. Oil is the black death of today’s society. This is an unnecessary happening because we could easily survive on our own resources. God has given us the wind that we could use in the form of windmills for instance that would not destroy anything and save billions of life. We are willing to lose the lives of our young to fight for the Black Death. Many people died in Europe because of the disease Black Death and some refer to this as the Apocalypse. We know that this did cause the death of many people but the earth replenished just as the Goddess ISIS wanted according to the ancient beliefs.

Extreme Radicalization

ISIS today is the extreme in radicalization! The al-Qaeda has dissociated themselves from ISIS. Death and destruction is not the solution to world problems. It is just another “Hitler” style method of taking control of the world and destroying everything that is good. We need as Christians to stand-up against this oppression. Today it is estimated that they have over 20,000 fighters and are growing daily. How soon will it be that the regime will control Europe and then the United States? This could truly be the start of the destruction that would end the world as we know it today.

The group ISIS has taken control of Iraq and Syria planning on proceeding into other parts of the Middle East. The idea is that the strict sharia law will help them to go into other areas conquering declaring each area as the new Islamic state occupied by ISIS. The smaller wars between some of the nations is a hindrance to them preventing these nations to act when the group ISIS comes to their country. Unfortunately they end up surrendering or losing any effort to fight the ISIS Jihadists. While our so called experts expect the group to fail they are conquering and just spreading farther into the Middle East.

World at War Again

The onset of World War II was called the “blitz” that Hitler pulled off with his army. He conquered Poland swiftly and moved forward conquering other European countries before the nations united. This same procedures seem to be working very well for ISIS. Many people were surprised at their ability to take over and conquer. Even the United States did not see this forth coming event and was left unprepared. Today with the politicians not being united there is no frontline defense to help push ISIS back into their corner. We are approaching the Jihadists in the wrong manner and soon will be suffering from their effects. We claim that we lack legitimate reasons to counteract their moves. We may not have the authority today but if we do not act there may not be a tomorrow as we all know it.

The Apocalypse Named ISIS

We do have the capability to make the assault needed against the group and put an end to their terror. We also have the ability to curtail their actions by using the advancements in energy that we now own. We could use nuclear power, wind power, and many other resources that our own country now owns leaving the group ISIS stuck with oil wells that are of no use. Thus the group would have no reason to conquer and control the Middle East. Many obstacles could be put in their way preventing the mass loss of lives and property in the Middle East. The fashion however is to hold on to the oil wells and keep the war raging.

This will be our Black Death eventually if we do not stand up as Americans and Christians and declare enough is enough. Our only hope is that we do have enough Christians who go to prayer and will take interest in the politicians replacing them with Christians who have the saving of mankind and the belief of Christ in their hearts. It is a said but true statement here we are lost! There is none among us who will stand up and take on this task. We watch from our televisions the destruction of life and property in the Middle East, Europe, and finally our own.

Will this be the final Apocalypse as for told in the Bible?


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author avatar writershirley lopez
4th Jul 2014 (#)

Should we be afraid of ISIS or should we be more afraid of the "Black Death" called Oil!

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author avatar writershirley lopez
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

Terrorist in any form is dangerous and should be feared but also dealt with instantly

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