Identical Pairs of Male and Female Twins United in Marriage

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Two pairs of identical twin boys Craig and Mark and identical twin girls Diane and Darlene, all from Texas, were wedded together in one ceremony. They've reproduced twin kids like them.

Dater rakes in dollars

Craig and Mark Sanders are identical twins. They met identical twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettemeier 17 years ago in 1998 and were smitten with love. Under Cupid’s spell, the lovestruck 2 pairs of lovers made up their minds one day to spend their time away northwest in Las Vegas, Nevada which they navigate in a car for about a day from their point of origin Texas which is their home.
Lady Luck went with the double dater to Las Vegas and helped them won thousands of dollars at poker. Encouraged by their good fortune, they cemented their relationship that same day

Picture: Las Vegas Poker Game .../

Like parents, like kids

Back home they settled as husbands and wives with their houses built side by side, of course after they were wedded in a joint ceremony,
Very soon, with least expectation, Craig and Diane became proud parents of identical twins- Colby and Brady- now 11.

Picture:The Sanders now have five children between them, including identical twins Colby and Brady/

Awaited Day for Twins

However the fortunate and lucky tandems aren’t confined to amazing odds alone- 10 years after they had their dates, Craig and Diane have attended the Twin Day Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio where they first met in 1998. They took their twin boys with them to share the good fortune of a unique occasion only twins can participate.
Twin days are awaited moments for twins who look almost the same. It is a yearly social event attended by identical twins in matching attire to stress similarity.

Photo: Photo taken from Twins Day Festival, Twinsburg, Ohio, USA

First Kiss

The Sanders twins paid the girls a visit in their residence in St, Louis, about more than a month after their first encounter. In the Busch Stadium after watching a baseball game, they had their first taste of kisses. The sisters promptly return the visit by seeing the brothers in Houston the following winter, where they spent New Year’s Eve at Sabine, a restaurant likewise owned by twins.

Picture: Busch Stadium, St Louism MO.


The Sanders twins maintained an online site Twinstuff which got a lively and interesting discussion on which of the twins should comes first during introduction Should it be “Hi, we’re Craig and Mark” or “Hi, we’re Mark and Craig”. As yardstick, should twins be introduced following the alphabetical order, or allowing the name of the eldest to come first, or let the “good twin” comes first and the “bad twin” later, or let the twin with the shorter name be introduced first followed with the one having a longer name, or vice versa, or let the introduction be made using the best sounding combination of the two.

Picture: Twin Stuff on Pinterest /

Unresolved issue

Honestly Craig and Mark said they have no inkling as yet as on how this important issue could be resolved. They said they are open to suggestion and if other twins are interested they may just send their suggestions to Craig and Mark or Mark and Craig.

Source: The Telegraph


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Apr 2015 (#)

Interesting post Radomes - may they find bliss all their lives - siva

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12th Apr 2015 (#)

Quite interesting post.They are lucky enough to get themselves married. May God bless them !

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author avatar writestuff
12th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks for this post. An enjoyable, well research article. Twins also run in my family. My paternal and maternal grandfathers were twins. For me, this post is most heart-warming because I recently lost my womb-mate, twinsisterCarole. We shared 70 years of an unique familial experiences.

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author avatar Carol Roach
13th Apr 2015 (#)

interesting story I have never met any twins

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author avatar Carol
13th Apr 2015 (#)

Very interesting. Wishing them every happiness

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14th Apr 2015 (#)

just wanted to come and say hello to you dear n.c.

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24th May 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing this lovely piece on twins. It was an interesting read.

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