Ideology versus reality - reviewing it in terms of recent racist attack in the US church

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When we accept that we should have a choice as far as clothing, home, objects, jobs, and even things are concerned, we give ourselves a choice of races.

Do looks matter?

In the animal world, no. I was watching some interesting video clips on YouTube, wherein large mirrors were placed before Gorillas, and cats. These animals did not recognize themselves. But we humans are aware of our looks. We go to great lengths, spending fortune to look better. So are we evolved beings? Perhaps. Perhaps not. If it were not the "looks" or if you prefer "beauty" industry, we would not be working this hard to accumulate wealth. That would be god's world.

We have choices

And we want those choices. Right? We protect the right to choose clothes, food, partners, etc., etc., We often choose some of those based on looks. I agree we are conditioned into believing that something looks good, and something does not. Blame fashion industry for that. Nevertheless, we too have our preferences, even when the fashion industry is not to be blamed. One such preference is skin color. If we have to have choice for clothes, partners, schools, etc., then why not our skin color?

Was the racist person to be blamed?

In a way, there is a disconnect that law creates between child and the parents. Instead of holding parents responsible for bringing up children as law abiding citizens, and penalizing them for failing in their duty to do so, law merely tries to cure symptoms with guns. So I do think that the youngster needed proper guidance. And perhaps, his parents and uncles, and aunts and other friends too grew up in such disconnected environment. So it is natural for a child to look for reason and establish patterns, which may or may not be true, since he or she is not getting the right guidance.

Effectively, laws need to be amended here making parents responsible for the children's behavior, and attitude, and also coming up


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

I look Indian and South Indian. I have moved with people all over and I have found skin color, beliefs, gender, dress, nationality, have never mattered for others in their dealings and friendship with me.

Let us all be good human beings over all physical and mental barriers that we have built up - siva

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